May 21, 2024

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About Me

About Donna | Psychic Medium Channel

Have you ever wanted to connect with your own personal angels and spirit guides? Have you ever wanted some extra help, or guidance from a celestial being? There are a multitude of beings from the other side of the veil that are there, waiting to be asked to help their human friends. Your own angels and guides are just waiting for you to ask for their assistance… they are there wanting to help and hoping to find a way to connect with YOU!

I’m Donna… Psychic, Medium, Channel

I was born an Indigo and have been led on a spiritual, healing path since childhood. I am a gifted intuitive, energy worker, lightworker and teacher. My work is divinely guided and channeled through my own and yourangels, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

My readings and healing sessions are designed to help you to tap into your innate ability to heal yourself and to connect you with your own personal angels and guides and to learn more about what messages and help they have to offer you. These healing readings and sessions often result in a very profound connection which forms between you and the celestial beings, which will stay with you, even after the reading is complete.

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