July 23, 2024

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I am so blessed to have amazing clients and students! You can see what some of them have to say about me here.

I have worked with Donna a number of times having readings done and each has been eye opening and helpful to recognizing and fixing something in my life! For years I had been getting the “death” card whenever I had a reading done and had never gotten a good explanation of what it meant, but Donna was able to explain that it was just showing up to remind me to let something go and move on. The next reading was amazingly different and relevant to my life. You could see that some of the “spikes and poles” were gone, having been replaced with coins and promise.

Donna’s compassionate explanations of what the cards meant and how I was being blocked and confused really helped to get me back on track!!! Thanks for the great reading and will definitely work with you again.  ~ T.J. Westminster


As an intuitive, I am already in contact with my guides and angels. But Donna provides me with accurate information and insights that constantly reinforces and validates the information my angels share with me directly. I know that Donna is frequently called upon to support other psychics as well… you might even refer to her as the psychic’s psychic! If you are looking for an honest, compassionate, heart-centered reading, Donna is definitely your go-to-girl! ~ C.D.  Westminster


I had an email reading done with Donna, and I have to admit that I wasn’t quite sure what I was in for. I gave her nothing to go off of and asked her no specific questions, so I had no idea what to expect when she sent me an email reading. What a pleasant surprise! Donna’s email reading was so dead on, it gave me chills. She used specific phrases to describe me that many people use when they get to know me, but I have no idea how they found their way into her email reading! Her description of my personality was very detailed and exact and she went into detail about describing some personal events in my life that I hadn’t talked to anyone about. Aside from the entertainment value of the reading, Donna provided some wonderful and caring guidance in her email and used her gifts to help provide advice about the future. She predicted a few things in her email that came to pass within 4 months and thanks to her, I was prepared for them! I would absolutely recommend Donna’s services to anyone who is looking to get more insight about themselves, their life circumstance or guidance about the future. Donna has a unique gift and quite a way with words! Thanks Donna! ~ From R.J. (Denver)

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