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Using Crystals to Find Love

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Crystals to Find Love

Love is something everyone wants to find at one time or another. The feeling of love can be irresistible. Love can bring passion and excitement and when it comes, it can heal you and soothe your soul.

Love is something that people devote themselves to. They believe in a future with that person, and it allows the person to make peace with their past. Love is a feeling that makes you smile, a gift that comes to you with a promise for a better future.

But when love is one sided or it is manipulated, it can cause jealousy and pain. It can cause feelings of peace and hope to leave. Love can be unpredictable at times. Since ancient times, there have been ways that people would attract love such as through spells, amulets, filters, and other things. Some people even use crystals.

Crystals are chemical stones that are made up of different things. They have different shapes, minerals, and vibrations. The crystals can bring different things into your life such as healing, hope and even love.

Love Crystals

Love crystals are something that can make your love stronger. They can help you to bring back an ex or to get rid of feelings of jealousy or doubt when it comes to relationships. It is hard to find love when you don’t love yourself and so some crystals are great at healing self-esteem issues and issues of hurt that has caused you to hate yourself. These crystals can bring harmony and peace to your life.

Using Crystals for Love

There are different kinds of crystals such as:

  • Decorative crystals: Used for decorating and for jewelry.
  • Protective crystals: Used for healing and magic.

There are some crystals that are used to help bring love to your life and some will use crystal grids or will keep the crystals in a case or in their pocket. These stones are natural stones, and they can be used to decorate, wear or even for magic.

When you want to use crystals to increase your love, luck, health, and chakra energy here are some things that you need to know:

  • Don’t use crystals that you don’t like.
  • Use your instincts to pick the crystals.
  • Find out what kind of crystal you chose and know how to cleanse it and recharge it.
  • Don’t let anyone use the crystal but you.
  • If someone touches your crystal, you need to cleanse it and recharge it before using it.

Stones to Not Use At the Same Time

No matter what you are using your crystals for, there are some stones that you shouldn’t use at the same time. Avoid putting them together in a drawer, under the bed or anywhere because their vibrations are too strong. This can cause you to have too much power and energy around you.

Whatever you want to use your crystals for, you can use quartz or amethyst to make that crystal stronger. Black Tourmaline or Malachite for example will pick up the vibrations of crystals around it. It is best to replace stones that cause you to feel overwhelmed or that you have too much energy. 

Best Love Stones

If you want to have more desire for someone that you love or if you want to make yourself irresistible to others or if you are looking for love, there are some stones that can help you with this. Here is a list of the best love stones:

  • Rose Quartz

This stone will help you to find romance feelings and to be happy. It can help you to love yourself more and to love your own body. It can build your power and give you self-confidence. If you have been through a breakup, keep this stone close to you. 

You can use this stone as a gift for someone that is getting married to bring them luck and happiness.

  • Ceylon Sapphire

This crystal is great if you need to have a happy marriage. If you want to make sure that your partner isn’t cheating on you then make this stone into a piece of jewelry and keep it close to you or put it under their pillow while they sleep.

  • Diamond

This is a well-known stone and can give you courage. This stone is great if you need to open up your chakras such as the throat or heart chakra. It can also help you to see if your partner is cheating on you or is planning on cheating.

  • Pearl

The pearl is a happy stone, and it comes in different colors. It can boost your emotions and is a great fertility stone that brings self-love. This is a balanced and truth stone.

  • Tiger’s Eye

This stone is a protective stone and should be put in the door or window of your house if you want happiness or good energy. It can protect you from negative energy and can boost your aura.

  • White Noble Opal

This stone is good to make you feel pure and happy. It can boost your spiritual self-such as your crown chakra and your third eye chakra. It is powerful and will help to make couples happier.

  • Malachite

If you need protection and to love yourself more, this is a great stone. This can balance your emotions and it can build up your confidence.

  • Emerald

When you need harmony and emotional healing, this stone is good for that. It can do miracles when a relationship is suffering, and it was used in ancient times.

  • Moonstone

This stone is good if you need yin and yang energy. It can heal relationships and it can help women with fertility issues. It can help you to be a better mother and it can attract love in the first stages.

  • Lapis Lazuli

When you need wisdom and to be able to communicate better, you can use this stone. It is blue and was often used by Pharaohs and others in Ancient Egyptian times. It was put in jewelry and can open up the third eye chakra and the heart chakra. It can help bring wisdom and creativity.

  • Rhodochrosite

Compassion and love can come when you use Rhodochrosite. You can use this crystal to protect you and to bring love to your life. When you need strength and happiness, this stone can help.

  • Amethyst

This powerful stone is one that can bring balance and can stabilize your life. It can bring hope, humility and strength and is a natural stone that is used for jewelry and for religious rituals. It can help to purify you and protect you and if you face addiction problems, it can help with that too.

Amethyst is great at promoting and attracting love. It can get rid of tension in your relationship, and it can help you to communicate better. When you have passionate thoughts, it can help you to reach your passion but if you are obsessed, it can help you to rebalance your mental thoughts.

History of Love Crystals

Crystals have been around since ancient times and they were used in places such as Greece, Egypt, China, and India. They were used for love spells and for magic. These stones represented things symbolically and would be used for healing and other situations. Here are some of the amulets that were used with love crystals:

  • Ankh amulet: This was a cross and meant long living and health.
  • Udjat amulet: This was a protective stone and was the eye of the god Horus.
  • Nefer amulet: This means luck and love and protection.
  • Beetle amulet: Used for good health.
  • Frog amulet: Meant resurrection and life.
  • Hator’s love amulet: Egyptian goddess of love and fertility.

Here are some Roman and Ancient Greek amulets for love:

  • Venus: Aphrodite: Goddess of love, beauty, and prosperity.
  • Cupid: Eros: God of love and affection.
  • Apollo: God of light and sun and art.

India Love Crystals

There are also love stones that were used in large temples and as amulets in India. They express the Hindu religion, and they would be used to bring happiness, love, fertility, marriage and more.

Shiva was a figure in Hindu and there were other gods that were used to attract love and to bring passion into the lives of the people such as Rati who was the goddess of love and Kamadeva who was the god of love.

Chinese Love Crystals

Chinese love crystals would be used to celebrate legends such as the celestial queen mother and daughter, Altair and Vega and magpies who would share their love with others. Here are some of the Chinese love traditions:

  • Talisman with a Chinese character: Means happiness and joy.
  • Talisman with Chinese or Japanese character.
  • Frog amulet: Used for fertility and fortune.
  • Jade stone amulet: Used for luck and protection.
  • Rose Quartz amulet: Used for romance and attraction.

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