June 22, 2024

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Sometimes People Leave

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Why Do People Leave?

Being in a relationship can make you feel that you are on cloud 9. You might think that you and your partner have the best relationship in the whole world and that you love each other unconditionally. Even though you might have these feelings, sometimes a relationship can feel good, but it might not really be okay. When this happens, you chance your partner leaving you. If this ends up the way things go, it can leave you feeling abandoned and hurting.

You might question how your partner that you loved so much could leave you and walk away when you love them so much. Sometimes relationships are just hard and, in some situations, love just isn’t enough to make things work.

Why Do People Leave?

Here are some of the reasons that people leave even when you think that love is stronger than leaving!

  • They Feel Disrespected

There has to be respect when it comes to love. People can love each other but this doesn’t mean that they have respect for each other. Being respectful in both the big things and the small things means that you are mindful of each other’s feelings, and you are kind and loving even when things are hard.

  • They Feel Unsupported

Relationships have to feel supported in all things including emotionally. When one or both partners feel unsupported it can cause there to be hard feelings. Being vulnerable in a relationship opens you up for pain and if you don’t feel like you are emotionally supported it can be hurtful.

  • Loss of Intimacy

Intimacy is more than just physical affection and sex but there is also intimacy in a relationship that allows you to feel happy with each other. Holding hands, kissing and other things are important and a loss of physical intimacy leads to a loss of emotional intimacy.

You can tell what someone feels about you just by touch and when this is gone it can cause couples to lose out on love and to have one partner go elsewhere to find it.

  • They Don’t Feel Good Enough

A person might leave a relationship when they constantly feel that they aren’t good enough. They might feel that they are inadequate and that they aren’t appreciated, and this can cause them to leave even though they are in love with their partner.

  • They Aren’t Heard

Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to relationships. There can be a lot of talking and a lot of listening but is there actual hearing? Communication doesn’t just mean you are getting your own thoughts or feelings out; it also has to do with really listening to what your partner is telling you.

  • Emotional Disconnect

Emotional connection is important when you are in a relationship with someone. There should be a love and passion that comes with your relationship, and this should start with friendship and grow. Emotional connections that die out will often cause people to leave a relationship.

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