June 22, 2024

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If They Don’t Love You, Stop Caring!

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Stop Caring

Is there someone that you are with that you love them, but you don’t feel that they love you back? Letting go of someone can be hard but when you have feelings that you aren’t being loved, you need to respect yourself enough to move on.

You can unlove someone and this doesn’t mean that you are out to hurt them or that you need to be rude or full of hate. Maybe you need to look at your life and see how they are treating you and then decide.

They Hurt You

You might love to be in your relationship, and they might make you feel excited each time that you see them. This is a great way to be in your relationship. You think about them when you are by yourself, and you feel safe, and you feel like they make you feel like you belong.

The truth though is that you are reading this because they are hurting you more than they are helping you. You have to learn to acknowledge that this person in your life is bringing you pain and hurt. Even if you want to see the relationship work out, it just might be impossible.

Maybe you are always showing your care for them, and you show them love but they keep denying the love to you. This is painful but you have to learn to have self-worthy. If you are someone that has been giving for months and months and you aren’t getting things back in return, its time to move on.

They Control You

You might be stuck in a pattern of caring for someone and then they reject your or ignore you. You are letting them control you and have power over you. This isn’t abuse, so to say, but it is an unhealthy balance that is happening.

You have to figure out if the love is going to go both ways. This should not be something that lasts with them and if they are still showing you that they don’t care, they are not the one for you.

Stop Talking

You need to get to a point where you are protecting your heart and your wellbeing. Stop putting them in your heart and your mind and learn to move on. Once you realize that they don’t care for you as much as you care for them, you need to stop talking to them.

You can do this slightly so that it doesn’t stand out as a sudden thing. Stop talking to them a little here and there until you are able to move on and live a healthy life.

Spend Time with Caring People

Start spending time with other people that actually do care about you. They can distract you from the hurt that you are feeling, and they can help you to be able to move on in your life without the one causing you pain.

On top of this, they can be a great company for you. Find someone that likes to do things that you like to do and keep your social life hopping.

Take Time

You need to have time to grieve over the hurt that you have experienced, and this is okay. You can grieve and you can take time to process that the relationship wasn’t good for you. You cared for them, and they didn’t care back. That is painful but you are going to make it through this.

Dating Others

Go out and have fun and date people that make you feel good about who you are. Find people that are enjoyable and go on dates that are fun. Don’t get pressured into a long-term relationship but just have fun for a while.

This can help you to get rid of negative thoughts. If you feel that it’s too soon, give yourself time to build back up while you are taking care of yourself.

Know You Deserve So Much More

You deserve to be loved and to have someone love you the way that you love them. One sided love can be painful, and you need to stop wasting your time on people that don’t care for you. Find people that will see you for who you are and love you unconditionally.

Final Thoughts

You can get over someone that you love. If they aren’t showing you the love that you deserve, then you can get over them and you can move on. There are plenty of people in the world that would love to date you. Find someone new and have fun in your life.

It might take a few months to get over the hurt that you experienced but allow yourself to move on and to get over it. You are strong and you can find people that value you and care about who you are.

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