April 20, 2024

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Embracing the Fall Equinox

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Fall Equinox

The fall equinox is a great time for people that have been feeling stuck or for those that have struggled to move past situations. This can be emotional or physical situations and if you feel burnt out or if you feel overwhelmed, take time to meditate during this time and se ethe changes.

Getting Balanced

The fall equinox can be a time of growth for people around the world. They can find balance during this time, and this can help them to feel stronger in their life and to be able to do the things that they know are needed to make their life better.

This is a time when the earth isn’t pointed towards or away from the sun and a time where it is just as dark as it is light. The energy between the light and the dark is balanced and it allows you to have time to balance your inner self.

During this time, you can get balance, but you should also be taking this time to be thankful for the things that you have gotten in your life. The universe is about giving you what you want and so in order to be thankful, you need to let go of things that are hard and things that are holding you back.

People that have been struggling or are stressed in their relationships or their job might need to get their energies and emotions lined back up for something good. If you are someone that has strong intuition, you will see that the energies that are happening can cause you to have struggles that you need to work through.

Get Rid of Blocks

Everyone has to deal with stress and anxiety sometimes and there will be troubles in life. This can bring about fear and it can cause people to be negative or to be angry. If you have been trying to get past negative things in your life and you feel stuck, the fall equinox is a perfect time to get balance in your life and to get rid of blocks that are holding you back.

The things that you have to carry throughout life can hold you down and cause you to be stressed. It can cause you to have to deal with mental, emotional and physical things and when you do, you will see that this can cause you to have anger, fear or sadness.

If you are struggling with love or if you are struggling with your job or other things, the hard things that you face will come with feelings and emotions. You may have recently broken up with someone that you love, and you feel that you are dealing with negative energies and problems that you need to get rid of.

You can get rid of these blocks, and you can find your purpose. The emotions that you are carrying can be laid down and you can take these negative emotions and you can replace them with healing and with peace. Meditating during the fall equinox is a great time to set intentions and goals and to get rid of negativity in your life. Getting free from these cycles can seem almost impossible but the truth is, even if you’re stuck, you can change and move forward.

Dealing with things that are hard can cause you to have negative energies and these energies can hang on for a while and not let you move forward. This is a time that you need to meditate to get rid of this negative energy. The meditation that you will do will help you to get rid of energies that are making you feel stuck or making you feel negative.

After you meditate, you should feel different in your energy centers and in your emotions. Even if you don’t get the peace that you want after doing meditation one time, do it again until you reach your intentions and your goals.

Find a place that is quiet to meditate and a place that you won’t be disturbed. Keep practicing until you are able to get the things that you want.

Fall Equinox Meditation

When you start meditating, you need to focus on your breathing. Let the third eye become open that is located between your eyebrows. Focus your attention on that area and notice if you feel any tingling or other sensations.

As you focus on the third eye, you can imagine a while light coming in front of you and follow it with your third eye. You might start to see other colors or even just a dot. Take a deep breath and as the circle gets bigger, keep breathing until it is the size of you. Focus on the colors that you see.

Once the circle gets as large as you are, imagine that you are walking with the color surrounding you and let it completely fill you. Now think of yourself and imagine that you are on a beach with sand under your feet. Look around you and see if the beach is endless. Look at the beach form all directions and know that this is your own personal beach.

Look at the water that is blue and the sky that is endless. Notice how the sky shows clouds and how the water and the sky seem to come together with energies that are never ending. Walk towards the water and put your feet in it. Look at your reflection in the water and notice what you have on.

Do you have a backpack or a bag that you are carrying stuff with you? See if you can put it on your shoulder and how heavy it is. This is what you are carrying. Do you notice the weight of the bag? Take another look at your reflection and then the sky and take the backpack off. Notice how much lighter you feel.

Hold the backpack in front of you but don’t open it yet. Notice how big it is and how much it seems to weigh. This is the negative energies that you have been carrying. This can be pain or hurt or anger. These things are all in the bag that you are now carrying.

The more you hold it, the heavier it gets, and it makes you feel that you are going to drop it. Put the bag in the water in front of you and step back. Notice that the bag is moving out with the waves. The waves might push it back towards you but then will take it out even further. As the backpack moves out, notice it sinking in the water. As it does, deep breathe and say these things:

  • I’m letting go of my anger.
  • I’m letting go of my hate.
  • I’m letting go of my sadness.
  • I’m letting go of fear.
  • I’m letting go of pain.
  • I let go of anything holding me back or blocking me from positive energies and my higher self.

Notice how light you feel and how there is no more heaviness. Look up at the sky and see how amazing it looks to you and how bright it is. Once you release this negative energy and you no longer feel stuck, receive the warmth and the good energies that can replace it. Feel thankful for what you have.

Focus your intentions on the sky above you. It might be dark now and the moon might be out, or you might still be seeing the bright sun. If you see the moon, notice it getting brighter and brighter around you. Notice the color of the sand and how gold it looks in the moon. Notice how strong the waves are and how clear the water looks. Notice the smells of the beach and the salt. Feel the breeze of the wind.

Deep breathe and listen to the world around you. Pull your mind to your body and bring yourself to the present. Notice how you feel after you come back to yourself and continue to release anything negative holding you back.

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