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Guided Meditation to Find Guides

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Guided Meditation to Find Guides

Everyone has their own special gifts and talents and when you are seeking out your spirit guides, not everyone will be able to communicate with them the same. If you haven’t been able to reach out to your spirit guides yet, keep reading.

Feeling Protected

Spirit guides are beings that aren’t physical. They are there to help you and to keep you safe. They are there to guide you and they will be there for your whole life. A real spirit guide will never hurt you.

Some people are afraid of their spirit guides though and they stop them from trying to communicate with them. They do this because they are afraid of trusting their spirit guides. If you want to be able to connect with them, you have to learn to open your heart up in a positive way and to be able to stay calm while you connect with them.

Talking to Your Spirit Guides

There are different kinds of spirit guides and they come in different forms. Some will be able to see light, and some will be able to hear their guides. It is important that you have an open heart and mind when you want to talk to your spirit guides and that you trust them to show up. As you trust your guides slowly, don’t begin to doubt them.

Your spirit guides are with you forever and whenever you open up to them, they want to communicate with you. When you do this, you can have a much better relationship with them. Once you trust and believe in them, your guides can come to you, and you can call on them to guide and speak to you. The more you try this and the more you are open, the more you will be able to communicate with them.

Working with Your Guides

The first thing that you need to do is to ask your guides to talk to you. Remember, you have your own free will and your guides will never break that. If you don’t ask them to talk to you, they won’t. A person that is closed off to this will never be able to talk to their guides even though their guides are there.

You can start by asking your guides to come to you and giving them permission to speak to you and to protect you. Ask them to contact you and to come to you when you meditate. Or you can ask them to show themselves in other ways.

Each person will do something different to communicate with their guides and this is up to whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. Once you give them permission though, you can be comfortable in whatever happens.

You can always cast a protection circle around yourself and ask white light to surround you and keep you safe. This is another thing that happens with free will and you can do this so that only your guides can communicate with you and other spirits can’t.

Getting a Sign

You can always ask your spirit guides to give you a sign and to show up when you talk to them. Be as specific as you want or be generic. You can ask them to show you something like a black and white cat or to just give you a sign. Once you ask for the sign, keep your eye out to see where the sign will come from.

Asking for signs form your spirit guide is a way that you can build trust with your guides. Here are some of the most common signs that spiritual guides will give:

  • Numbers

Some of the biggest signs that a guide will give are repetitive numbers. You might see a total on your bill as $33.33 or you might see a radio station 33.3 to tune into. As you see numbers that repeat themselves, notice this and let your guides know that you are listening. These numbers are often called angel numbers and they can show up anywhere.

  • Animals

Another way that guides will often communicate is through animals. This can be an animal that you aren’t used to see, and the animal can be coming to give you a message. If the animal makes you feel positive, the message is probably uplifting but if the animal gives you stress, it can be a message that your guides are giving you as a warning.

  • Dreams

Your guides can show up in your dreams because dreams are the easiest ways for a guide to connect with you. This happens because your mind is most open when you are sleeping.

  • Synchronicities or Coincidences

You might experience weird things going on in your life and this can be signs that your guides are trying to show you something. You might see someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time, or you might have someone that you don’t know pay for your meal at the drive through. This can be to show you that your guides care for you.

  • Physical Sensations

Some people will have chills or ringing in their ears as signs that their guides are around them. Notice these things and develop your senses.

  • Tools of Divination

One way that you can speak to your guides is by using tools of divination. This can be a crystal ball, crystals, astrology, or tarot cards. These tools can help you to get messages from your spiritual guides. Some people will use oracle decks when they are trying to communicate with their guides. Here are some ways that you can use tools to talk to your guides:

    • Use a pendulum and ask yes or no questions.
    • Ask your guides to give you a sign.
    • Try scrying.
    • Ask a question and look through a book till you get a message.

Each tool is different for everyone, and you should program your tool for what you want. Make sure that you are only programming your tool to let your spirit guides speak to you.

  • Meditating

Some people will use guided meditation in order to seek out their spiritual guides. This is a way that you can get information and you can get the psychic guidance that you need. There are some people that doubt group meditation, and this is because they can only see with their physical and not spiritual eyes.

When you get a message from the divine, you have to hear the messages with your spiritual self. Most of the time you won’t hear a physical message, and this can come to your mind or come to you in another form. Practice being open to these messages and learn to trust yourself.

  • Visualization

Visualizing your guides is one way that you can reach them. You can visualize and meditate, and this can help you to shift your physical senses into your spiritual senses. Meditation can help you to think about nothing or to be calm but if you visualize while you are meditating then you can see yourself talking to your spiritual guides. This can be vivid for you in your mind’s eye, and it can create a peaceful place for you.

Use your mind to visualize your spirit guides. Ask your guides to come to you and imagine that they are there with you. Imagine that you see the sun shining and that you see a light coming from your spiritual guide. Do you notice what they look like? Can you feel any emotions when they show up to you? Do you feel loved and compassionate?  Do this each day so that you can connect with your guides.

  • Guidance Through Dreams

Remember, the easiest way for your guides to connect with you is through your dreams. Before you go to sleep each night, ask your guides to come to you in your dream and to give you information. You can ask your guides to show you certain things or you can ask specific questions that your guides can tell you.

Get yourself a dream journal and if you have a dream, write down each and every detail. Ask a specific question and ask your guides to help you. You can ask for healing, for you to sleep well and for general things. No matter what you want to ask, ask it. No question is dumb. Then, pay attention to every detail that you have in your dream. This can give you spiritual meanings to whatever is going on in your life. Pay attention to the symbols in your dreams and what or who shows up. If you have an animal that shows up, notice it and how it is acting. Ask for signs.

Communicating with your guides can help you to get the answers that you need and can help you to be closer to your guides.

  • Automatic Writing

Some people use automatic writing and trance to talk to their guides. They can do this through meditation or through being hypnotized. You can ask your guides to help you by giving you information and you can ask them to help you to do automatic writing or a trance.

Trances happen when your consciousness is altered. You will be open more than you would if you were just sitting and thinking about things in your life. You are basically in a dream state, and this helps you to visualize better. Trances can also happen when you are doing astral projection.

You can use the trance state in order to do automatic writing. This is one way that your spirit guides can give you messages. Get a pen and a piece of paper and go into your trance. Let your hand write whatever comes to your mind. Go back and reread what you have written when you are completely awake and see what your guides have told you.

  • Find a Safe Place

Make sure that you are safe in the spiritual world. This is when you can have a peaceful visit and you won’t have bad spirits come to you. Stay calm and imagine something that you love in your life such as the beach or a body of water. Is there something that you want to see? Imagine now that there is a house and that you are surrounded by beautiful things that you love. Look at the sky and see how perfect everything is.

This is the space that you can create in the spiritual world where you will be safe. This will be a place that only your guides can come to. Visualize this place each time that you want to speak to your guides and let them come into this space.

  • Making a Strong Connection

The more that you connect with your spiritual guides the closer you will be to them. This is a way that you can form a connection with them and grow your bond. Do this every day and your spirit guides will know that you want them around and you want them to protect you.

Your spiritual guides are there to give you guidance and to keep you safe. They are there and they are full of energy. They are thankful for you, and you need to be thankful for them. They love you and they want to connect with you. Do this each day so that you can be thankful for them, and you can know that they are with you.

  • Connect Your Own Way

Connect with your guides any way that you want. Some people will use nature to do this. Go out in nature and ask your guides to show themselves. Their energy will be kind and peaceful and you might see things that bring you joy and peace. Your guides might send you a sunny day if you need it or if you need it to rain, ask them.

  • Use Astrology

You can also look at the moon and the sky to connect with them through astrology and through the planets. They can come to you, and they can manifest for you things that you want in your life. Ask them to show you a full moon or show you how the moon looks. Be accountable to what you ask and always be thankful.

  • Make an Altar

Create an altar for your spiritual guide to come. Burn herbs or candles and make statues to put on to honor them. When you do this, you can have a safe spiritual place and it can be a place that your guides come to give you guidance and to keep you safe. Do this each time that you reach out to them, and they will always feel connected to you. This can be a time that you connect quietly, and you let your spirit guides come and give you answers.

  • Knowing Your Guides

There are different ways that you can connect with your guides but once you do, there are things that you can do to be closer to them.

  • Learn Their Name

The first thing that you should do is to ask your guides their name. Ask them to come to you and once you know their name you can call on them when you need them to show up. No matter what the name is, whatever name comes to you is their name and you can always address them by this name.

  • Identify Them

There are things that you can learn about your guides to be able to identify them. Sometimes they will look like an animal, or they might look like a person or like light. Whatever energy that they have from you, remember it, and know that they are there when that sight shows up.

  • Type of Guide

Another thing that you need to do is to figure out what your guide is and what type of guide they are. They might be like a human but have spiritual looks. They might be an animal. They could be from a star race, or they might be far away in a different galaxy. They might be a deity or a familiar thing that you remember.

  • Ask Them to Help You

Be open to whatever your guides are there to help you with. Once they come to you to protect you, let them. Let them help you with things and make you feel safe. You will be able to know that they are there, and they can give you answers.

If you have angel guides, research them, and find out which angel is coming to you and what their qualities are. Some will have ascended masters and others will have animal guides.

What Will Your Spirit Guide Do?

Your spirit guide is there to protect you and also there to help you in your life journey. They will make you feel comfortable and safe, and they will guide you with whatever you need. If you have a small or big problem, they can help you. They can help you through divorce, through pain, to find a parking space or to not feel bad when someone judges you. Whatever the situation is, they can help you with that.

Rather you are someone that has hurt someone eels or you are someone that needs guidance, your guides are there to help you. They will tell you if you are wrong and how to fix things. They will show you the life lessons that you have learned along the way. They will help you through your challenges and they will give you the tools that you need to battle your life.

Give your problems over to your guides. Let them give you clear thinking and to guide you. They will do whatever they can to guide you down the right path in your life. They won’t burden you or cause you pain.

Everyone will go through a place where they need guidance at one point or another and the purpose of your guides is for that. They want to serve you and they want to help you. They want to make your life easier, and they will always be with you. No matter what you are going through, ask your guides to help you and to be there with you. They will help you to make it through your life with peace and happiness and will guide you through things that are hard. Be happy that your guides are there and accept that they are there to bless you and to keep you.

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