June 22, 2024

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Are You Sensitive to Energy?

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Are You Sensitive to Energy?

People can be sensitive to the energies around them. Everyone has some sensitives to what is going on around them but there are some people that are much more sensitive than others.

These people that are sensitive to what is going on around them can usually pick up signals, signs or even auras of others.

It might be hard for you to know if you are an overly sensitive or highly sensitive person but there are signs that you can look for to know. If you feel that you are experiencing these signs or symptoms multiple times or even just daily, then chances are you could be a highly sensitive person.


An empath is someone that is very sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around them. These people have strong emotions and are able to pick up the energies around them.


If you are able to pick up the energies of those around them then this can be a unique and different kind of ability.

When someone walks into the room and you can tell what they are feeling, this can mean you are an empath. Empaths can usually feel happiness or sadness right away without anyone saying what they are feeling.

Being an empath means that you are going to be there for that person. Maybe you will offer them an ear or let them cry on your shoulder. You will show them support. When you feel their emotions, you might wonder if these feelings are their or if they are your own.

You can brush off these feelings as just being compassionate, but the truth is, you are probably highly sensitive to energies.


Peaceful people want to have peace. They want to be around others that are peaceful and to avoid confrontation with others.

If you are a peacekeeper then chances are you are a very different and loving person. This can mean that you will keep your feelings hidden so that you can keep the peace.


Do you feel tired all the time? Do you feel that you need more rest than others have? Do the emotions of others make you feel bad or cause you to feel overwhelmed?

If you are an empath, you might not even realize it, but you might be taking the emotions of others and using them as your own. When the emotions of others become yours, you have to learn to deal with them.

Reading People

Do you have an easy time reading other people? Do you say something about someone and then realize you are right? Maybe this has happened a few times and you are just realizing it or maybe you have known for a long time that you have felt this way.

If you have been able to read people, then chances are that you are highly sensitive to the energies around you.

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