June 22, 2024

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Create a Healthy Mindset Today

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Healthy Mindset Today

When we face adversity, it can feel like the storm will never blows over.  This is because our minds tell us that the struggle will never end.  The mind creates perceptions over every facet of our lives and how we experience the world around us.  What you mind tells you, dictates how you will navigate through every moment of every day, including how you interact with others.  Therefore, strive to keep a clear, positive and upbeat mind (including your thoughts)!

Our minds are always active.  Even our sleep can produce vivid dreams.  Thankfully, there are steps you can implement to help manage your thoughts before they control you.  Learning mindfulness will help to reduce sadness, anxiety, fear, depression, shame, and guilt.  It will help you achieve an inner peace and reach your goals.

Eastern traditions have long discussed the benefits of mindfulness.  A helpful trick to gain control of your thoughts is to practice daily meditations.  Begin with five minutes a day where you focus on your breath and release all judgments.  Gradually work-up to a place where you enjoy two sessions of at least 15 minutes daily.  It is important to remember that 90% of peoples’ biggest fears never appear.  Instead, it is an individual’s mind that creates a state of heaven or hell. When you have control over your mind, rather than it control you, you will feel happier, more grounded, and more focused on achieving your goals.

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