July 23, 2024

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Pay Attention to Who Controls Your Energy

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Pay Attention to Who Controls Your Energy

Everyone has their own energy level, and some people are very positive and outgoing while others are negative and even cautious or quiet. Most people do have some kind of middle ground where they can be both outgoing and cautious or quiet and positive but there are people that also are always negative.

A person that is always negative can be considered an emotional vampire. Unlike the vampires that need blood in order to live, an energy vampire lives by taking your energy and using it against you or using it for their own wellbeing.

Here are some ways you can know if you are around an energy vampire:

Feeling Tired

If you are around someone and they always make you feel that you have no energy, this can mean they are an energy vampire. They might cause you to feel like you need to sleep more, or you need to drink more caffeine.

Pains and Aches

When you have less energy, it will cause you to feel bad in your body. Your body will be tired, and you will have pain or maybe even depression.

Judgmental and Rude

If you find you are being judging and rude towards others, this can mean you are around an energy vampire that is stealing your positivity.


When you feel like you are surrounded by drama, this can be someone that is always gossiping or causing pain in your social circle.

You Question Who You Are

Some energy vampires will make you feel that you are worthless. They will cause you to lose your self-esteem and will make you feel worse so they can feel better.

Getting Rid of Energy Vampires

You have to learn to set boundaries when you are dealing with negative people. Do not argue with them but allow them to say their part and then let it go. Do not allow it to upset you and do not give them the joy of arguing with them.

You do not have to give your attention to someone that is trying to always argue with you. When you learn to stand your ground and you do your own thing, they will leave you alone.


Imagine a white shield that is covering you and keeping you safe from negative energies. This will allow you to raise your own energy and to keep negative energy away from you.

Do this each day and reflect on developing who you are and being stronger. The stronger you are, the better boundaries you will have and the less you will be manipulated.

Learn to love yourself and forgive yourself and do not allow others to treat you bad.


Use positive affirmations to boost your energies and to increase your joy. Be happy and chose to stay grounded. Allow yourself to have limited contact to those that want to bring you down.

If you are related to an energy vampire, love them but do not go and hang out with them. Their toxic behavior is dangerous for you.

Care for You

Learn to care for yourself and not to let others get you down. Focus on relationships that are strong and peaceful and get rid of those that are harming your spirit.

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