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Signs You Are an Old Soul

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Signs You Are an Old Soul

People that are often alone or isolated, even antisocial are sometimes people that are old souls. An old soul isn’t someone that is old, per say, but this is someone that has an old mind, heart and even an old soul.

This person looks at life differently than other people look at it and they are generally more mature than those around them. Old souls will often live their lives alone as other people meet new friends.

Maybe you are someone that is an old soul, or you know someone that is? If you do, read on.

What is an Old Soul?

An old soul is a person that acts way older than they are. They have strong gifts such as empathy, intuition and they are able to understand and know things beyond what others can.

Old souls are often people that are outsiders, and they have a hard time belonging in groups, or even on this earth. They want to know the meaning of life and they want to reach their success and fulfill their life. This isn’t by having money or power, this is just to return home to where they belong.

There are different kinds of old souls including those that are born different and those that grow into becoming someone with an old soul. This can happen when someone goes through their enlightening.

Signs of Being an Old Soul

If you don’t know if you are an old soul or not, keep reading.


Old souls are different than other people and they often do not fit in with other people their age. They find making small talk silly and they have a hard time to find people that they can get close to or relate to.

They feel alienated but this is okay because they like to be alone. They have a hard time connecting with others because most people don’t share their thoughts or values.

Real Wisdom

An old soul is someone that is smart and wants to have more knowledge. They are someone that understands power and they want to have peace and happiness. They believe that all people should tell the truth and that truth brings freedom.

These people find small things very meaningful.

Spiritually in Tune

A person that is an old soul will be in tune with their spirit self. They will get rid of their ego and will look for enlightenment. They want peace and love.

Understand Life

These kinds of people will know about life and about death. They will go through different life crisis, and they will know that it is important for people to exist.

They are very sensitive towards death, and they feel that every decision that they make in their life counts for something.


Old souls like to look deep inside of themselves. They think a lot about everything, and they are aware as they develop their soul. They like to learn things fast, and they understand the world around them.

They are known to do shadow work and to become better and to create inner peace.

See Things Bigger

An old soul is someone that doesn’t like things that are fake. They don’t like to have phones or electronics and they want to be as wise as they can be.


Old souls are not about material things, but they want to do things that enrich their soul. They want to have goals to be better.

Socially Different

Many old souls had a hard time as children fitting in. They are different and introverted, and they tend to not make friends. They have teachers and parents and other people that resist how they act. If you have a child that you have to treat like an adult, they might be an old soul.


It is not uncommon for an old soul to go through things that are hard in life. They seek out what love is, and truth and they know that they will go through hard things.

If they see people that are lying and being dishonest, they are drawn away from this person and they wonder if all of life is like this.

See Life Differently

Old souls see life different than others do. They love life and they enjoy things such as being out in nature, hearing birds chirp. They like to see what life has to offer.

They love to smile and laugh, and they love to see children that are happy. They love art and they are very creative. They are ones that will meditate on everything.


An old soul will question almost everything that happens. This can be something that is challenging for them because they cannot stop themselves from overthinking everything.

They will have a hard time on simple things, like even picking something off of a menu because they have to see what options serve them best.

Anxiety and Socialization

The old soul will overthink things and this means that they have a hard time being in social groups. They have social anxiety when they are around people that they don’t know, and they have a problem of being around groups.

Many old souls are confident, but they are tired out by groups of people because they have to deal with so much when they are around others. They love to be alone, and they find their connections with others interesting, but they want them to be short and fast.


People will often go to an old soul for advice. They seem to have the best answers and they are great at telling others what they should and shouldn’t do.

Old souls do not mind this, but they are sometimes overwhelmed by the problems that other people have. They love to give their advice to those in need though and they love to help others.

Older Friends

When an old soul does make friends, it tends to be people that are much older than them. They like people that have lived a long life and that are down to earth. They love to hear stories of their life and they match with their energy.

If an old soul meets someone, it will not be at the bar or the concert, but it will be sitting around the fire or having fun talking about life stories.

Simple Living

Old souls love to live a simple life. They want simplicity because they find it pure. They like to have little material things and they want to just pursue happiness.

An old soul wants to connect with the heart and soul of themselves and others, as long as they are simple as well.

Vintage Things

A lot of people don’t like vintage things, but an old soul will be drawn towards old furniture and old things. They like old clothes, records, crafts and more.

Some old souls will feel more at home when they are around older books and other cultural material.

Feel Old

An old soul is not really someone that is old, but they feel old inside. They don’t realize that they are older in their soul than what their age says.

Some feelings an old soul has will be that they are tired, patient, uneasy in the world and they like to ask a lot of questions. An old soul is often someone that is outside looking in at life.

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