April 20, 2024

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Clairvoyant Tricks

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Clairvoyant Tricks

Being clairvoyant is not as hard as people think because the truth is, everyone is born with these giftings and posses them on a natural basis and even more truth is that you can increase your clairvoyance so that you can learn to focus and see things more clearly.


Clairvoyance is seeing things that are not visible to the eyes. This is when you see something in your mind, or you are able to know something without having proof. Some people that are clairvoyant can help to find things that are missing such as objects or even pets and children. No one can really explain how clairvoyance works, they just believe in and use it in different ways.

Clairvoyant Psychic Reading

A clairvoyant person will do things differently than others. They are about the spiritual world and they will sometimes be mediums, palm readers, Tarot readers and more. There are different types with different giftings.

Many people that are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and have strong insight will use other tools to help with their readings.

The thing is these people are different and they use their intuition to know what kind of tools to use and what kind of answers to give for each client. This kind of physic can change the tools and the way that they do the reading, over and over again depending on the situation.

Someone with extrasensory gifts might take a clairvoyant test and will see that they are able to see things like a movie. They will hear sounds and see images while some will just have dreams. Both ways the gifting works is important.

What Do They Do?

A clairvoyant is someone that can-do readings and can see things even over the phone. They will not read based on judgements or how you look.

The gift that the clairvoyant has are visual gifts and they can see things in their dream or as visions. Take notes when you do this kind of reading.


A clairvoyant can read your vitality by your vibrations in your voice or in your energies. Here are some answers you can get from your clairvoyant:

Focus on You

Make sure that you focus on your clairvoyant and you get rid of any negative thoughts that you have. Be open minded and know what you are interested in.

Body and Mind

You should know that you can know different things in your life and your brain has many questions for you. Take time to think over what you want to know so that when you ask a question that you get the answer that you seek.


Pay attention to your mind and make sure that you know what the clairvoyant said. Do not be stressed and do not be rushed. Give things to work that your reader tells you.

More About You

When you have an answer given to you by a psychic, you have to pay attention and understand that you can profit by what they tell you. Ask more questions and pay attention to things such as sounds, how you feel and pictures that come to your mind.


When the information that you get is plenty, make sure that you allow yourself to focus and you reach your higher being.

Being a Clairvoyant

People should become clairvoyants because they can help others. They can help people understand their lives and the world around them. They can collect off of someone’s energy and they can help to challenge others.

One of the best things in life is the changes that we can go through such as healing, getting better health, having more energy and more.

Developing Clairvoyance

There are different ways that your clairvoyance can be developed and here are some ways:


Dreams are proof that you cannot separate the body from the universe. Things that change can change in your mind from the universe and the clairvoyant is capable of knowing these things while dreaming or even awake.

Some clairvoyance will hear things in their mind or dream of things that are going to happen and this can save them and those around them.

When you dream, always imagine where you are, focus on what you are seeing and allow your mind to be open.

Clairvoyant Healers

Clairvoyant healers can help people to figure out things in their life that happened that were traumatizing to them when they were young. They can help to channel energy to get rid of pain and can-do different rituals on people that are sick.

What is the Difference Between a Clairvoyant and other Psychics?

A psychic is not a medium, but a medium is always going to have psychic powers. This is the same for a clairvoyant. A clairvoyant can focus on the energies of a person or a thing and use their intuition to give them answers.

Mediums help to understand the spiritual energies around them and are able to rely on energies from living or not living things to get in formation.


Learning about being a clairvoyant is exciting and you can learn to focus your energy on your third eye and your intuition to find your giftings. This can help you to help others by being able to give them good advice and by being able to show them their importance and purpose in living.  Keep using the gifts that the universe has given you.

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