April 20, 2024

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5 Angelic Signs You Can’t Ignore

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5 Angelic Signs You Can’t Ignore

Angels have been sent to us by the Divine to be a spiritual beacon of love and light.  They sent to humanity to help us be our best self possible.  Each person is blessed with a unique team of guardian angels to guides us and facilitate our path to enlightenment.  Angels honor one’s free will and only impact your life if you are in peril or if you ask for their aid.  When you request their guidance, an angel will send you message via intuitive feelings or signs that will prove you the confidence to move forward.

Angels know you to your very core.  This includes your desires, dreams, feelings, fears, flaws, strengths and weaknesses.  Together you share a unique bond that includes an energy flow of unconditional love and support.  It is because of this depth of support and understanding that your angels know what you truly want, what is in your best interest and most effective ways for you to create your best solutions.  You only need to ask them, and your angels will have blaze your trail forward to manifest miracles for you.

Since angelic dynamics are unique to the soul they assist, angels use specific signs and signals that will resonate most for that individual and what is most needed in their life.  However, there are some common methods angels use to get human attentions.  We have included five of the most common signs and why it is import you never ignore them.

  1. Ringing in an ear

Although tone and variety can differ between people, a ringing sound in one’s ear is key way angels make contact.  This can connote reassurance, confirming angels are nearby and available to provide assistance or comfort.  Ringing might also be a way to validate a thought or confirm a potential direction.  Sudden pressure in the ear can show that some feeling is important.  Regardless, if you notice pressure or a ringing in the ear is a clear sign that your angels are trying to get your attention and showing you that your instinct is on the right track.

  1. Eleven

Numbers are a universal way that angels communicate with people.  One number is significant importance is “eleven,” which convey multiple meanings.  Angels can transmit the number eleven into your life when they are trying to drive a point home, and awaken you to a significant opportunity or truth you need to honor.  Eleven also reminds us to be mindful and to be intentional with thoughts and words as your build the reality you most desire.

  1. Feathers

Feathers are way that guardian angels implore people to have faith.  This sign serves to provide confirmation that one is never truly alone and the path forward is clear.  Feathers are a way that angels remind you that they are always near and willing to help you overcome any obstacle.

  1. Hawks

Hawks are sent by angels to tell you to trust your intuition – you have a green light to go forward.  Even if your thoughts differ from the crowd, honor your instincts to help avoid future conflict.

  1. Solar Plexus

Typically called a “gut instincts,” getting a sensation in your solar plexus chakra (near your belly button) is a way an angel tells you something is amiss.  This could present as “butterflies,” discomfort, or even nausea.  Never ignore this feeling and pay close attention to whenever (or wherever) they occur.  An example, if you get nauseated when you enter a certain location, something is problematic and you should be aware and vigilant.

These are just five of the many signs of angelic communication.  As you notice as many signs as possible, the more you hone your intuitive skills.  You can always request more clarification regarding any sign from your angels.  They will work tirelessly to bring you information and confidence that miracles are on there way to you.

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