June 22, 2024

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Connecting with Angels in Your Sleep

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Connecting with Angels in Your Sleep

Your dreams are more important than you probably realize. Dreams are there to share with you the experiences that you have in your daily walk, and they are there to help you to refocus your life. You can use your dreams to help you to understand your energies and to help you to get the guidance that you need.

Many people are able to communicate with their spirit and angel guides throughout the day, but some can only do this while they are sleeping. Some believe that they get their best messages when they are dreaming because there are no distractions.

One of the reasons that people have a hard time connecting with their angels is because they are fearful. These feelings of fear can cause people to not be able to have the connection that they want. When you are sleeping though, the fear leaves.

Inviting Your Angels

You can ask your angels to come to you in your dreams. There are ways that you can keep your mind and heart open so that you can get the messages that they want to give to you.

Angels can come to you when you are dreaming but they don’t always look like an angel. Sometimes the angel will come in a different form that you will pay attention to such as a friend or a relative. They might be someone that is a stranger that is talking to you.

Other times, the angel will come to you in a different role such as a teacher or a healer. They will help you while you are dreaming to know what decisions that you need to make to better your life.

Once you wake up and you remember your dream, then chances are this is an angel dream. If you have dreamed but you don’t remember it at all, this can be a dream that wasn’t quite as important. You might remember some of your dream but not the things that were detailed but still have emotions tied to the dream that you had.

Remembering Your Dream

Think about the parts of the dream that you can remember and think about the details that do stand out to you. Notice any shapes, sounds or feelings that you had in the dream and notice that these might be significant for you.

There are things that will stand out in your dream, and these are the important things that you need to remember. These are likely the things that your angels are trying to tell you or show you.

Getting the Meaning of Your Dream

If you aren’t sure of the meaning of the dream, take a look at it from a different perspective. Take time to write down the parts of your dream that you remember and keep it in a journal. Even if you don’t get the meaning right away, chances are that it will come to you at some point. Take a break from it and then look at it again later.

Communicating with Your Angels

There are ways that you can communicate with your angels anytime such as:

Setting Intentions

Make sure that you are being specific in what you are needing. Talk to your angels about what you need and talk to them before you go to sleep. Ask your angels to visit you in your dreams. If you have a dream that night, remember the conversation that you had and remember any details that stand out to you. This is the important part of your dream and understanding them.

Ask the question that you have for your angel and remember that they might visit you once or many times throughout the week.

Use Crystals

Crystals are often used to help you communicate with your angels. They are helpful and you can put one under your pillow or beside your bed when you sleep. This can help you to sleep better and to have more vivid dreams. You can benefit from the power of the crystals.

Here are some of the best crystals to use:

  • Bird’s Eye Jasper: Can help you to remember your dreams. Can help you to know visions of the future.
  • Blue Kyanite: Can invite angels to your dreams.
  • Amethyst: Brings visions.
  • Iolite: Helps to set the dream landscape.
  • Selenite, Celestite and Angelite: Invite angel visitors by bringing light.


Take time to meditate before you go to bed. Set your intentions and make sure that you are being clear in what you need. Keep your mind, body, and soul healthy and don’t have stress when you go to sleep.

Allow yourself to be away from negativity and focus on your messages. Meditation can come in different forms, and this can get you in a place where you can relax and be calm. You can even meditate and take a bath where you add lavender or salt.


Journal your dream and your visions. Keep the journal close to you so that you can write down what you felt and what kind of dream you had when you wake up. Make sure to be very detailed. This can help you to get the meaning of your dream.

Be Thankful

Be thankful of what you see and what dreams that you have. The angels will send you a message and you need to make sure that you are thankful for them. Connect with the angels and realize that you are given a gift of this connection.

Once you learn to be thankful, you will see that this can build positivity around your life. Angels love to be around people that are thankful and positive and if you continue this feeling then you will be inviting your angels into your dreams over and over.

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