June 22, 2024

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Can Relatives Be Ancestors?

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When someone that you love dies, you might wonder what is going to happen to them. Are they going to become a spirit guide or an angel? What will they be? Some loved ones will come back form the spirit world as visitors but the kind that they had to do with what the universe calls them.

Some mediums will say that a person that dies cannot be a spirit guide because they haven’t had time to have a life review. This is needed to be a spirit guide according to the universe. Ancestors can be spirit guides though in some cases.

Spiritual Body

When someone has no physical body anymore, they can assist others in the spiritual world. They can do things for people on the earth that they cannot do for themselves because of their limitations of the body. They are able to guide, have unconditional love and a different kind of energy that can assist.

Spirit guides can come in and see people in a form of a light or even in the form of a spirit. Once you talk to your spirit guides and you ask them to come to you and help you with the problems you are facing, they can show you who they are.

Charged Energy

Spirit guides have charged energy and when you charge the energy around you, the spirits can make themselves shown to you. They want to come to you, and they want to show you that they can help you.

The spirits come from a source of energy and if you have a loved one that comes to visit you then they have come because of the light of their life. They are able to roam around the world freely and they are someone that you can trust to help you and to take care of you.

Ancestors as Guides

This is why some ancestors can become spirit guides. They will be able to come to you and they can show you who they are in dreams or sometimes even in the physical. They can have these traits:

  • Taking on a human form.
  • Taking on an animal form.
  • Taking on a spirit form.
  • Know your guides from other lifetimes.
  • Can appear dressed in a different period of time.

Spirit guides can come to people that are strong in their spiritual gifts such as telepathy or clairaudience. They can speak to these people, and they can give them feelings so that they can have the messages they came to deliver.

Many say that a spirit guide can’t be a dead loved one because they are not in the spirit world long enough but sometimes there are exceptions to this. An ancestor for example can be a great-great grandparent or a relative from a totally different time period. They can be a spirit guide.

Sometimes when a family member dies and crosses over, they can go fast into different spiritual roles, and they can become mentors to you. Some mediums will believe that a spirit guide will not be your ancestor because a spirit guide has to be able to offer you advice that is not biased because of knowing you.

Karmic Relationship

If you were in a karmic relationship and the relationship was hard, the spirit cannot come to you to guide you from the other side, but they can come to give you advice sometimes. The spirit guide is a neutral person that has incarnated and is someone that you can trust.

If you have ancestors that are far enough back to be spirit guides, then they can come and guide you with good guidance and wise ideas. They can offer you guidance that is not biased and they can support you.

How Far Back Does an Ancestor Have to Be

A person has to have been dead long before you were born in the physical world in order to become a spirit guide. They can pass through the universe, and they can balance their emotions in the spirit world, and they can become guardians.

Final Thoughts

An ancestor can be a spirit guide, but it depends on the soul group that they are part of. Each person has something different in their life. In order to connect with your spirit guides, meditate and talk to them. They are ready to help you.

One of the best ways to know if a spirit guide is going to be an ancestor is if the head of the household dies then the person will move quicker to the role of spirit guides to help their ancestors along the way.

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