July 23, 2024

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Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Angels

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Connecting with Your Spirit Guides and Angels

A team of spirit guides stand on the other side each time we incarnate. Their purpose is to help us out in our earthly mission along the life path. We never walk alone because everything is interconnected through energy. Life in the incarnate and discarnate states are joined together, meaning that though we may sometimes feel alone, we never really are.

Just because you cannot see or feel your personal guides or have yet to learn how to connect, does not mean they are not there. When this skill is learned, everything will change. Connecting with spirit guides allows you to work through self-doubt so you can walk away with peace and certainty that you have help in life. This feeling is priceless.

Spirit Guides

We are not our biological bodies; they are simply vessels. They contain our souls, so while on the earth plane we are having a human experience. Before we incarnate, we review the soul lessons that are meant to be learned and come up with agreements about the karmic events that will be faced. Who our companions will be is also decided.

You will be given a life task that is to be completed in the human experience. It could be almost anything. No matter what, your guides have agreed to help. This includes helping with the challenges that will be faced. The problem is, once you are incarnated, memory is wiped. You have to discover what the journey is and struggle to hear or feel all the spirit guides. It can be frustrating.

The connection between you and the guides can be underdeveloped, leaving them unable to be as helpful as possible. Some people have these abilities purposely suppressed as they are raised. So, you have to develop the ability to connect with these guides. This is accomplished by developing intuition and energy health. Below is how to begin that process.

Clear Chakras

Though most people would start by working on opening the third eye and while this is vital, only focusing on the third eye can be problematic. The whole system needs to be clean and in shape for connecting with spirits.

There are many techniques and tips to keeping chakras clear. Yoga, exercises, audio frequencies, visualization, foods, crystals, and aromatherapy can all be effective. A simple way to clear chakras is included below, but chose what works best for you.

To clear your chakras easily, stand under a running shower with your eyes closed. Visualize the water as pure, crystalline white light. Feel the light pass through you, washing away the residue. Visualize the water changing to the color of the chakra that needs cleaned. Repeat for each chakra. The colors should go through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet respectively. Do this daily with special focus on troubled chakras. If needed, supplement with other forms of clearing.

This is the first step in the spiritual journey to connect with guides and angels.

Daily Meditation

While prayer focuses on talking, meditation is about listening to the universe. This helps to get you into a receptive place with an open state of mind. It also raises vibration levels, even if you only do it ten minutes a day. It won’t take long to get into the habit of simply being without a cluttered mind.

In the quiet space you can connect with your higher self and the spirit. Start by finding a meditation track that works for you, anything you like, and listen for 10-15 minutes. If this is new for you, just listen and take in any thoughts that arise during the time. As you get used to meditation, try “sitting in power” to build up psychic power. This is described below.

  • Listening to a meditation track, take a deep breath and imagine white light around your body, cleansing each cell.
  • Hold your breath a few seconds repeating “be still”
  • Exhale to let everything go. Repeat as needed.
  • Fell the light expand in your heart with a cord attached, all the way down into the earth. Imagine the light surrounding your whole aura. With each breath let it expand more and more.
  • Sit this way as long as possible, connected to all the universe.

This, when done daily, elevates consciousness. This is necessary to connect with angels and guides because they vibrate on higher levels. This makes it easier to be around them. This will also further psychic development so that clairs can be used for interaction.


Another way to meet the spirit guides is to simply ask through meditation or by focusing on environmental cues. This can be done through an extended visualization connected to the meditation above. Follow the same steps and then imagine yourself in a place in nature that matches your soul. Then imagine a door in the center. Speak to the guides and invite them in. As a figure appears, pay close attention. Ask for a name if they will give one. Ask how and what they are meant to help with. Take your time and listen. When finished, watch them go back through the door and then open your eyes.

You can also try invocation when not meditating by as spirit guides to show themselves. Make sure you are relaxed and watch for thoughts, images, and feelings that suddenly arise. You may feel strong emotion, such as love, a phantom touch, or see words in your mind. The spirits communicate subtly. Keep practicing and record what you feel, see or sense.

Asking for Signs

If other techniques have not worked, why not just try asking for a sign. Be specific in the sign you request so you will know if you have been answered, but it really can be that simple. Then over the next few days, watch out for that sign. You can ask for a number, a specific image, something specific that you would recognize, or even a dream visitation.

Automatic Writing

Some do well with automatic writing. This helps you get in touch with your subconscious and channel communication between spirits, guides, angels, and the higher self. This is pretty simple to try.

  • Quiet your mind until it is in a totally blank state.
  • When calm and still, grab a pen and paper or open the computer to type.
  • Ask a specific question mentally or skip this and just start writing the first things that come to mind.

This is all that should be done. It may start as gibberish but keep writing and you will start to answer your questions, often in the third person. This is an amazing tool for asking specific questions and seeking guidance. You can even use this to interview your guides.


While many courses do not want tools used, they can be helpful to some. These should not be used as a crutch, but can help when needed. Oracle and tarot cards are best as they tap into universal archetypes. Each card carries meaning and symbolism. Just ask the question and interpret using the cards that are pulled.

Oracle decks are also useful because they are not predefined as tarot. The intention is to help connect with various energies. An oracle deck is the best option or quick messages from spirit guides, just draw with an open heart.


When simple yes or no questions need answered, try a pendulum. Make sure you are in a calm and quiet state and grasp the top bead of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger. Then ask the question and wait for a response.

If the pendulum is new, it must be programmed to offer answers such as yes being clockwise, no back and forth, and diagonal for maybe or I don’t know. Set your intention and ask for a demonstration of a question you know the answer to as a test. Then proceed to the next step.

Before asking any questions, ask the pendulum is you may ask, if you can, and if you should. If you answer “yes” then go forward. It is important to obtain permission before asking in depth questions. Then ask your real question. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you get answers, this can enrich the yes or no.

Spiritual Journal

When first starting to connect with the spirits it is not always easy. It will take time and practice. You must start by getting familiar with their energy and presence. This process can be aided through spiritual journaling. As you journal, write down meditation experiences, automatic writings, readings, significant dreams, signs, and even impressions.

This gets you in the habit of tracking signs and the process. You can also go back and review to see what has or has not happened. This will build confidence and faith in inner wisdom.

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