June 22, 2024

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Signs You Have Been Reincarnated

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Signs You Have Been Reincarnated

When you understand reincarnation, you will understand that this can be a different experience for everyone.  Some feel this personally and others reflect on the life that they had before in the earth.  If you are mature and gifted in certain areas, you might have a spiritual awakening that will show you more.

The truth is that this is a cycle that many people that are psychic experience.


Dreams are part of our unconscious mind and if you have the same dreams over and over or dreams about trauma, chances are that you are trying to finish some unfinished business.  This can be reflections about your past life and sometimes people will go to certain places and the place will feel very familiar to them.  This can be a place from your dreams.

Weird Memories

If you have memories that do not seem to have a real place, that seem odd or out of place, this could be that you are remembering things in your past life.

Strong Intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance your life and your mind in a deeper way.  People that are mature will be able to do this and will understand their soul and body.

Déjà vu

Everyone has experienced some type of déjà vu at some point in their lives and this can be triggered by sights or smells.  Sometimes you will feel like you have experienced the same thing before, and this can be your past experiences.


If you absorb other people’s emotions and feelings, this is a deeper way that you can connect with people from your past life.  Your soul might have been reincarnated many times up to this point.


Knowing the future is precognition and this is ability that some people have through visions and experiences.  This can be a dream or a situation.


Retrocognition is when you can get information from the past.  These could have happened in your own life and are easy to prove and verify.

Feel Older

Some people feel younger at heart or older in their souls and this can be part of reincarnation.  You might have reincarnated many times and so you might feel differently in age than you would if it was your first time.  Some might feel like children while others feel like a mature soul.


You might have attraction to certain things and not understand why.  You might love certain cultures or things from the past.


If you are afraid of something and you don’t know why, this can be from past traumas or things that have caused you fear.  If you have drowned or had something bad happen to you in the past, this could bring on fears in your life now.

Feel Out of Place

If you feel that you are not at your home and the Earth is not your home, chances are that you have been reincarnated and you are longing for something in your past.  This can be tiredness or other experiences that you seem to feel even when you have nothing wrong or have done nothing big.

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