April 20, 2024

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Gemstones that Bring Prosperity

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Green Aventurine

The Law of Attraction can help you to manifest things in your life and one way that it can work faster is with gemstones. Gemstones can help you to get your financial freedom and your prosperity that you want. Even in Vedic writings, gemstones can work with the planets and the stars to help make things in your finances better. Putting certain stones around your home can make you get the financial help that you need. You can even put these in your purse or your pocket and let them send good energies to you.

Here are some of the best stones that can help you to get the wealth that you need:

Green Aventurine

This is a stone that works with the heart chakra and can help you to make money. It can help you to get past decisions that were bad for your finances. When you meditate, put this stone close to your heart. It can help you to find a new career.


This stone is called the “luck merchant stone,” and works with the crown chakra to bring money to your life. It can put money into your wallet or your purse.


This is a stone called “fool’s gold,” and is considered a lucky stone. It can attract coins into your life.

Yellow Sapphire

This is a stone that works with the solar plexus chakra to help you to have strong dreams. It can bring you wealth. Wear this as a ring on the index finger to bring you more money.


The garnet is a stone ruled by Rahu the planet. It can get rid of debt.

Green Jade

This stone works to help get rid of things that are holding you back. It can bring you good energy and help you to reach your financial goals. It is a lucky stone.


This is a stone that works to bring money to you and is called an “abundance crystal.”

Blue Sapphire

This is a stone that works with Saturn, and it allows you to have wealth. If you have chakras that are blocked, it can open these up. It can bring you money. You should wear this stone and it can bring wealth to you when things are hard.


This stone works with the throat and the heart chakra. It helps to bring your energies up and it can help you if you need financial gain. Put this stone in your wallet and you will be able to get the wealth that you need.

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