May 21, 2024

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When the Ego Dies

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When death happens, people are scared, and some people run from the idea of death. But the death of the ego is something that is different. This is a way that you are able to see who you really are and understand things such as right and wrong, goodness and sin and more. When you live life through the ego, you have a dual life, and this can cause you to suffer.

Dualistic ego means that you are judging others and that you often condemn or alienate people. You Accept what you want and reject even things that are good. You might even find that you hate people or yourself.

Accepting that your life is who you are and that you are whole is one thing that happens when you get rid of the ego. This allows you to have beliefs and emotions. But those that rely on the ego to guide them are separate from being whole. They reject who they are.

They experience things and when something is bad to them then they don’t accept it, or they avoid it. This is repression and this is where the shadow self comes in. The more we keep things buried within ourselves, the more shame there is.

The ego stops you from being able to see things clearly and can bring on things such as anxiety, mental illness, poverty, war and more. These experiences cause suffering but inside and outside the body. You suffer with the go because you live a separate self, and you believe that you should isolate who you are from the world.

Ego Death

Ego death is when you don’t allow the ego to control you. The ego of course, can never really die, but you can learn to stop letting it control you and who you are. When you experience this, you find peace and your awakening.

Ego death allows you to find the true nature of who you are. This can be a hard time for people because they have to experience different ideas and see who they really are. Some people will experience this as an enlightening while others will find it painful.

Ego Death Experiences

Some people find that the ego death is something that is important and a pathway to the divine. Others feel that this is a terror experience and that it is painful from start to end.

Nature loves people that are brave and those that will take courage to fight their ego. This means that they can get rid of obstacles in their lives that will hold them back. This allows them to learn who they are and to understand the truth of life.

Ego death might feel scary at first because people don’t want to have to face hard things. Instead, they defend themselves and put-up walls to stay in control of who they are. Instead of working through their spiritual self, they allow fear to control them.

Stages of Ego Death

There are seven stages of ego death that can help you to find who you really are. Here are the stages:

Stage 1

In the first stage you will go through your spiritual awakening. This means that you are wanting to find your soul. You might go through trauma or some hard experience to get you to this place, but this is when you want to know the real meaning of your life.

These awakenings are often brought on when something in life is missing.

Stage 2

In the second stage, you are seeing that the dark night of the soul is not able to separate from the awakening. This is when you experience the separation of who you are, and you see the divine.

Dark night can lead to a place where you search your soul, and you feel totally alone. You suffer and you know that there has to be change and you are ready to release the pressure of the pain that happens in your life.

Stage 3

During this stage, you will try to find out what you really believe.  You will see that you want to try different spiritual practices to try and get rid of your suffering. You explore different places and things.

Stage 4

Stage 4 is the stage where you work through the enlightenment or the Buddhist word, “Satori.” This is when you will know your true nature and you get rid of your conscious thinking.

Sometimes you might be scared of this stage because it can change your life, but your growth will continue. This is often a result of the kundalini awakening.

Stage 5

The Elder soul at this stage is a place of discernment for your soul. You find out what is keeping you held back such a pain or fear. You experience a maturity, and you disconnect with things around you and find your higher self. You become focused and patient.

Stage 6

In this stage, you will surrender everything in your life. You will stop relying on your own thoughts and beliefs and you will let go of them. You will find discipline and grace in yourself.

Stage 7

This is the last stage. In this stage you realize who you are. You find that you are able to accomplish whatever you put your mind to. You see the truth in all things. You connect with yourself and the universe.

The ego is still here but you are more aware of what the ego is and who you really are. You see that you can control your ego and you learn that unconditional love is real. You find inner peace and you feel free. You no longer care about what people think about you, but you see that you are at the beginning of your life and not the end.

What Does Ego Death Feel Like?

Ego death can be an experience of bliss or fear. Some people think it is a terrible time while others find it peaceful and great.

After Ego Death

After the ego death, you will experience new things. You will see that you will be inspired by good things. You will know that you have a purpose and that you are meant to do better things.

How to Make Ego Death Happen

Some people go to great lengths to make their ego death happen. They go into this without knowledge, and this can be dangerous. You have to know that you are prepared for what can happen during ego death. Some go into an altered state of consciousness while others are on a journey of purging.

This can be a deep experience in life and can change through each of the stages. You will see that this kind of death is actually bringing you to life.

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