July 23, 2024

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How Real Estate Agents Can Benefit From a Property Clearing

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As a Realtor, you may find yourself trying to sell a home for a client, and for some reason, you just aren’t able to get the property sold. Of course, there may be many explanations for this, but if you just can’t make it happen, you may be in need of a Property Clearing.

You see, homes and other types of physical property can hold low vibrational energy (or what many people call “bad vibes” or “negative energy”) and this can affect potential buyers, who will end up not being attracted to the property, even if they don’t quite know why.

Sometimes, these “bad vibes” can be thrown off from entities in the space, especially if there has been a death or unhappy circumstances in the place. Sometimes they can come from the current or previous owners or tenants of the property. People can hold attachments to a place that they proclaim to want to get rid of, and sometimes people will hold attachments if they feel they are somehow being forced out of a place, due to financial or other types of difficulties, such as divorce or unexpected job change.

Whatever the case, you, as the listing agent, just want to get the place sold quickly, and at a price that is best for your client and yourself. Getting a clearing on the property can certainly help to make that happen! And if you are the buyer’s agent, what better gift to give your buyer? Having the property cleared before the closing can help assure that everything goes smoothly during the transaction, and your client will LOVE moving into their newly cleared space. They may never even fully realize the difference the clearing made, but they will love you for helping them find the “perfect” place.

There are a lot of superstitions that Realtors hear about, and there are a lot of things that Realtors can do to help them with the properties they are dealing with in their business, but truly, the most effective thing you can do, energetically speaking, to help you in your business, is to have a professional energy clearing done on the properties you are involved with. You’ll be surprised at what a pro-active and positive approach energy clearing can be for you and your business!

I conduct my property clearings remotely. This is an excellent and efficient way of achieving tremendous results for my clients, and it allows me to work on properties all over the world!

If you are a Real Estate Agent and would like to have clearings in reserve anytime you need one, I do have a program for you!  You will get a block of clearings at a discounted rate, and email access to set up and receive the results of the clearing, so you don’t even have to take the time out for a phone call, if you don’t want to!

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