July 23, 2024

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Cutting Cords, Part Three :: How to cut your cords

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There is not one “right” answer. I’ve seen some things on the internet and have talked to a few people who believe there is only one “right way” to do this, or that you must have the help of some type of Shaman or other energy worker in order to be successful at cutting cords. In my experience, that is not true. Sometimes we all need some help with our healing work, and a third party can often bring a perspective or observation that we may be blinded to when thinking of our own situation, but there is nothing about our own person, our own soul, our own energy body that we can’t work with ourselves.

I do believe that it is always appropriate to call on our angels and guides, however, and one excellent way to work with cutting our cords is to call in Archangel Michael and his brilliant blue sword for help. You may also call in other angels and guides, and you may also find that you can do this on your own, through your own being, or with the help of your higher self. Again, there is no “wrong” answer here.

As an energy worker, I can help people in my office, or remotely, to accomplish the cutting of their cords, and at times, I am able to see and feel things for people that, as I talked about, they are, themselves, blinded to, but I also teach people how to start recognizing and dealing with these attachments themselves.

The basics of cutting cords are actually simple. You must first do an energetic and inward examination of your body and energy field and, thinking about the person you feel you are corded to, find the place in your body or field where the cord is attached. You’ll know where this is because it will feel (or if you are visual, it will look) different. It may feel heavy or just differently weighted than the surrounding area, or warmer or colder than the area around it, or it may be a different color or shape.

Once you have found the place where you are corded, you must imagine severing the cord. You can do this by asking Archangel Michael to cut it with his sword, or you can imagine cutting the cord with a big pair of celestial scissors, or imagine severing it by smashing it between two rocks. Again, there is no wrong way to cut the cord.

The next step is probably one of the most important parts of the process. Remember that these cords are actually more like a tube system where energy is exchanged back and forth between you and the other person. You are taking in energy from them and they are taking in energy from you through the cord. Once you have the cord severed (or as you are severing it), you must send the other person’s energy back to them, and call in any energy of yours that may be with them. I find that the more gently you can send their energy back to them, the better it is for you. Sometimes we may be tempted to shove their energy back at them, or to do it with angry intent. This is a normal feeling, especially with someone we have had issues with. If you can’t find a way to send the energy back with love, then ask your angels to do it for you. It really isn’t helpful to you to do this process in any other state but a neutral or loving one.

As you call back your energy from the other person, feel it going into the space where the cord was attached. Fill the space with your own energy, your personal power that you have now reclaimed. Fill it healing the area, and going into your body, into your solar plexus area, and then out into all the cells of your body. When you’ve called back all of your own energy, allow healing light to come in and pour in on top of your own.

In many ways, cutting cords is a very simple process (and I have only covered the basics for you here), but it can also feel very complicated, especially when you are trying to heal some deeper part of you or when it is a particularly emotional situation for you. In this case, I absolutely do encourage you to find someone who can help you through the process. There are many healers and energy workers out there who can assist you, and of course, I am also available to help.

If you feel like I could help, I would love to walk a part of your path alongside of you. Please contact me HERE if you feel there is any way I can be of service to you in your journey to healing.

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