May 20, 2024

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How to Find Out Your Psychic Giftings

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How to Find Out Your Psychic Giftings

Do you ever wonder if you have psychic giftings, but you aren’t sure because when you think about it you think about what you saw on television such as a person with a crystal ball or someone that goes out and puts curses on people?

Even though those kinds of gifts seem exciting, that isn’t what having psychic powers is about. These gifts can come to people in different ways, and it can happen to everyone rather normal or not. Most people are born with some kind of psychic giftings.

What to Do?

The first thing that you need to do is find out what kind of gifts that you have. Do you know the future, or can you pick up the energies of those around you?

Look at the different kinds of gifts that people can have and see if you can figure out what giftings you have. Do research to find out more about yourself.

Akashic Records

Some people are able to read akashic records. This means that you can read the past record of someone so that they can know what to do for their future.

Angel Reading

This gift happens when a clairvoyant person is able to use Angel cards to give readings to people and give them insight.

Animal Reading

This is someone that is able to connect with the energy of the animals and to know what the animal is feeling and thinking.

Automatic Writing

This is a gift that you can speak to the spirit guides and they can give you messages that you write down on your won.

Chakra Cleaning

Everyone has chakras and they have them to keep them strong. If you are around someone that has closed off chakras, you can help them to be cleansed. If they are having a hard life, they might need their energy cleared.


A person that is clairvoyant is able to feel things that haven’t happened yet. They are able to sense and feel things through their gut.

Cartomancy Reading

This is when someone can draw from cards and give a reading about the future.


Numerology is when you can see numbers and events that work together. This can help you to find your partner and your soulmate.

Tarot Reading

This is a person that is able to do a tarot spread and tell you about the past, present or the future.

Photo Reading

When someone can look at a picture and know what the person is going through and what troubles that they have.

Psychic Reading

When a psychic can tell you things that you are questionable about such as your relationship and your past, present or future.

Soulmate Reading

A psychic can do a soulmate reading to know when your soulmate is about to come into your life.

Spiritual Healer

This is someone that can help you to heal inside of yourself and it will help you have overall wellbeing.

Symbolon Card Reading

This is different than tarot reading but is newer and it can help someone to grow in their spiritual being.

Tea Leaf Reading

When someone is able to take a cup of tea and read the tea leaves to give you energy and direction to your questions. This is also called tasseography.

Dream Reading

This is someone that can take your dreams and interpret them so that you can understand them.


Reiki is a type of energy healing. This is something that people can use to make sure that their aura and their energy is strong.


There are different psychic giftings that people can have. Learn about your gift and then take time to study it more so that you can find out what your gift has to offer you.

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