May 21, 2024

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Finding Wonder in Life

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Finding Wonder in Life

When you feel wonder in your life, it can mean that you are inspired by the world around you and you can always find goodness in it. By being this person and being positive, you can find joy and hope. The benefit of having wonder allows you to take time to slow down and experience the world around you.

When you wonder, the feelings are what matter for you, and you can do this and increase your daily joy and peace. As you tune your mind into what is going on around you, you can find more wonder and here are the perfect ways to find it:

Look at Technology

Look at how amazing things like your cell phones are. You are able to talk to people that you love and cherish. Remember how things have changed over the years where the televisions used to be black and white and now, they are smart tv’s, and how phones were connected to a wall and now are in your pocket. There are things that are happening that people years ago never would have imagined.

Think of all of the technologies around you and imagine what your life would be like without these things. Imagine how great and convenient it is to be able to talk to someone you love over the phone or even over video chat and how easy it is to order food, pay your bills and more.

Be Positive

Use a positive affirmation in order to get your day started out right. Say something like:

  • Today is going to be a great day.
  • I will find wonder in this day today.
  • Today there will be things that bring me joy and peace.
  • In the world, I will find awe.
  • I love the world around me.
  • I want to see people and things that make me feel excited.
  • When I am surprised, I want it to be a positive surprise.
  • I will have no negativity in my life today.
  • My life is full of joy and wonder.
  • I will seek wonder in everything that I do today.
  • I will pay attention to the technologies around me.
  • I will appreciate all of the great things I have in my life.

Think of Something You Want

Take time to think of something that you really want in your life and imagine it coming true for you. Remember the times where you wanted something to happen, and it did, and you were full of excitement and awe. Let those feelings show up.

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