April 20, 2024

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How to Listen and See in the Spirit World

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Spirit World

If you are a medium or you have psychic gifts that you want to increase and develop, you can start helping yourself to get stronger.

When this happens, you might start seeing things such as visions or objects that are happening not with your eyes but with your mind.

Chances are that you will hear voices or other sounds when you are meditating or when you are very relaxed. This can cause you to wonder what is happening or it might make you fearful.

The truth is, if you are called to the psychic gifting, this can happen to you. Sometimes this will happen more when you are sleeping or falling asleep.

Why Does This Happen?

If you are experiencing these things, chances are that your Clair gifts are opening up. Here are some things that might happen to you:

  • You see things such as spirits when you get sleepy.
  • You hear sounds at bedtime.
  • You are seeing the faces of spirits.

All of these things can mean your gifts are opening.

Why at Night?

You might wonder why you see these things at nighttime and the truth is that at night, people do not resist things as much because their minds are relaxed. This is why when you are meditating that you might see more things than when your mind is busy.


These things can cause you to resist your gifts:

  • Going to bed fearful.
  • Being afraid of your giftings.
  • Not trusting yourself.
  • Doubting your gift.
  • Not believing yourself when you do a reading.

Stop resisting your gift and learn to relax and to be calm like when you are meditating.

What Happens When You Need Sleep?

You can learn to control when and where your gifts come to you. You can do this by talking to your spirit guides and by meditating.

If you want to fall asleep without being in the spirit world, you can ask your guides to help you.


Some people have heard astral noises. This doesn’t mean the spirit world is trying to connect with you, but it happens because you are ready for astral travel.

How to Know if It’s a Spirit

You can know if you are experiencing a spirit by taking about half an hour to meditate. Find a way to talk to the spirit world and to ask your guides to guide you and help you.

Doing this is not accidental and when you do it, you can ask your guides to lead you and to help you have calm and peace.

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