June 22, 2024

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Reignite Your Sexual Energy via your Sacral Chakra

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Chakras are seven energy points in the body that correlate to specific spiritual flow. By maintaining balanced chakras are helpful because it facilitates healthy physical and psychological actions.

Understanding the Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral Chakra is located just above the pubic bone and governs passion, sexuality, intimacy, money, creativity, and joy.  Maintaining a balanced Sacral Chakra helps promote healthy relationships within ourselves and others.  You can tell if your Sacral Chakra is blocked when you experience chronic lower back pain, gastrointestinal problems, sluggish libido, isolation, creative blocks, and tendency towards addictive behaviors to numb feelings of negativity.

How to maintain Sacral Chakra balance

Since the Sacral Chakra awakens one’s sexuality, improve its health by practicing sensual acts.  This can be both sexual and pleasurable like eating a savory meal, indulging in a spa treatment, or kissing your partner.  Physically, you can unblock this chakra with pelvic rocking or hip circles.  You can also choose to dance, especially in a way that makes you feel sensual.  Also make sure you maintain your relationships by reaching out to special community members so you both can offer each other mutual support.

Wear orange

The Sacral Chakra is governed by the color orange.  Eat orange foods, observing orange items, or dress yourself in your favorite orange outfit.

Benefits of strengthening the Sacral Chakra

Embracing the power of the second chakra helps us enjoy the world around us and make sense of our internal and external environments.  We reside in our bodies for only a short time, we might as well make every minute impactful.

Additional support for chakra work

It’s ok if you find yourself struggling with chakra work!  You can recruit a therapist to help you identify body sensations and understand how they connect to your mental health.  We strongly suggest you investigate body-base therapies like trauma-sensitive Yoga or NIA.

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