June 22, 2024

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Is It Possible to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself?

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Is It Possible to Do a Tarot Reading on Yourself?

Performing a tarot reading on yourself has been a source of controversy among those in the world of mediums and psychics. A fair majority of tarot specialists say it isn’t a good idea to do a tarot reading on yourself.

The reasons are obvious. You may be too inexperienced to read the cards correctly and may read them through a colored perception of your world and experiences. In other words, you may accidentally read into them meanings that don’t exit.

However, reading tarot cards for yourself is perfectly fine for those disciplined in the practice and who have proper training. Many say it’s a way to look at situations in your life and address points of necessary action.

Some rules exist if you are serious about performing your own tarot reading.

The Rules for Reading Your Tarot Deck:

  1. Pick a spot.

You can’t do a tarot reading anyway. There must be a spot deemed sacred to perform this. It must be cleansed of all bad energy using either sage smoke, water, salt, essential oil, or palo santo.

All necessary items must be properly laid out as if a doctor was going to perform a surgery. Doing these things allows for a space that promotes focus and an atmosphere of peace, with both needed for a proper reading.

  1. Ask a specific question.

Those who want direct answers can’t beat around the bush. The tarot deck doesn’t like that and could refuse to cooperate. Ask specific questions that must have a direct answer. Picking the right questions involved some meditation ahead of time to be as direct as possible.

  • Don’t Overcomplicate the Spread

You can take up a lot of time with dozens of tarot spreads. It’s best to stick with one that fits your question and that you know really well. Simple 3-card spreads can be effective in answering a question about a problem.

  • Look to Your Intuition

It takes a good bit of intuition to read tarot cards and that is true even for yourself. Don’t go with the first instinct. Put your emotions aside and look at the spread as if they belonged to someone else. That may give you the most accurate reading.

If you find it difficult to do a full reading, write the spread down in a journal and reflect on it later.

  • The Don’ts of Reading for Yourself

Just as there are good ways to read tarot cards for yourself, there are equally bad ways that can create a disaster.

  • Don’t Do It While You’re Emotional

Many people flock to tarot cards during a high time of stress. They want answers now. However, that is the worst time to do a reading because you will be thinking unclearly and likely won’t read them accurately.

  • Repeating Spreads Multiple Times for the Same Question

This is a sign that you are looking for an answer you want to see. That means you aren’t ready for the answer the tarot deck wants to give.

  • Drawing More Cards

This falls in line with repeating the same spread. People often draw extra cards to get an answer they desire, claiming they want additional details. This is confirmation bias and will not do you any good.

  • Projecting Your Desired Outcome

Projecting an outcome you want out of a tarot draw doesn’t do you any good because it isn’t the truth. A true tarot card reading requires wisdom and insight. Look at why a particular spread brings out disappointment, or even dread, in you rather than search for some other hidden meaning that is more pleasant.

Those who decide to do a tarot card reading on themselves must be prepared for any answer they get, just as if they were giving the reading to someone else. That is the only way it works successfully.

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