June 22, 2024

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Is your psychic real?

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Is your psychic real?

When someone seeks advice from a  psychic, they are usually hoping to get some insight into a relationship or find some resolution after a loved one has died. It is at this time when people are vulnerable.

When people are vulnerable, they may miss clues and cues that they would be able to see in any ordinary circumstance.

A false psychic will lull a vulnerable client with a cheap or low priced reading. This is to draw the person in and create a sense of false trust.  Once the client has come in, the psychic may tell you not to reveal what you have been told in the reading.  This is warning sign.  If it is a legitimate reading, they would not ask you to do this.  Another warning sign is if the psychic doesn’t want you to record or tape the reading.  If the psychic doesn’t want this, you are perfectly within your bounds to ask why.

Another sign that you are being taken advantage of is if the psychic tells you that you are surrounded by negative energy or that you are under a “dark cloud”. They may indicate or outright say that you have a curse on you.

They will then offer to remove this curse for a fee.

Another warning is if the offer to “Fix” an issue you may be having in your personal life. They may even claim to be able to help you draw a lost love back to you.  No matter how much they want to charge you, no amount of money or white magic can resolve that type of issue.

This is simply because we all have free will. This means that no one can wave a wand and solve the problem.  You and the person involved are the only ones that can do that.

You have to learn your own lessons and you have to live your own life.

This is why no one has the power, psychic or not to control someone else.

You would do well to remember that psychics and mediums can and do help quite a bit when they are up front and honest.  A false psychic running a scam can do much more harm  than good. The best way to protect yourself from this is to do your research. If you can, get a referral from a friend or trusted colleague. At the very least see if there  are reviews available.  Always remember that if you feel uncomfortable, you are within your rights to end a reading and leave.

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