July 23, 2024

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One on One Readings Vs Telephone Readings: Which one do you prefer?

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One on One Readings Vs Telephone Readings: Which one do you prefer?

In terms of accuracy, both are equal, and you can also add Skype readings to this category.

This is where you have all parties, the energy of the person (the receiver of the message) and the energy of the spirit (the messenger), present during a reading session. A live reading is a three-way link between you and the other two parties present. There is also distance reading where a message is delivered to the message recipient (you) by the messenger (spirit) and the medium. This usually happens through written messages or emails when the connection of all the three parties is complete.

It’s not a must you do a live reading session in person, you can do it from anywhere in the world as long as your spirit and your soul is there to listen. The important thing is to receive the message being passed through by the spirit.

On the other hand, your spirit guide or guardian angels do not have a physical body on planet earth. But that can’t prohibit you from accessing a medium. All you need to know is where you’ll meet them. In other words, your spirit guides will go wherever you go, regardless of the distance and where the medium is. Unfortunately, most mediums prefer telephone readings because they are able to concentrate better. It allows them to give out unbiased information. Generally, telephone readings enable them to collect correct information without contaminating it with the information they get from an individual’s physical appearance.

Furthermore, it allows the person being read to get the service he wants from the comfort of his or her home. If they are emotional, the medium won’t be vulnerable; they’ll able to give them time to collect themselves. And also, telephone readings can help mediums do their work without rescheduling any appointments.

Another advantage of telephone reading is that it allows you to listen, absorb and take in the information being given to you by the medium. There are no distractions around you. You’ll find yourself more relaxed, centered and calm. And when you are like that, you’ll be able to communicate with your loved one in a comfortable manner.

Generally, whatever you’ll do to make yourself have a peace of mind will depend on how you want to receive the information. Be relaxed and calm and if you think an in-person reading is the best one then so be it. If it is the vice versa then go for it. Just know that connecting with your spirit or loved ones is a sacred connection.

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