June 22, 2024

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Karmic Energy

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Karmic Energy

People always fall into negative energies without even realizing why sometimes. It is important that you learn to pick up the ideas and the thoughts that you have and how you process them. Most people live their life based on different emotions and different thoughts that they think are normal.

The karmic holographic loop is a thought pattern, or a vibration and it is never changing. This will stay in place and never stops to think about things or to figure out if things are right or not.

If you have ever noticed someone that speaks about their situations in a negative tone or if they have ever been heard complaining about money or other situations and their situation never changes.

This happens because of the karmic holographic loop. This is the power to speak words and situations into existence and without even thinking about them, it can cause your subconscious mind to fall into situations that are repeated over and over again and this can be negative situations as well as positive.

Once you get a thought in your mind, especially a negative thought, it is hard to get rid of it and it can affect your life.

Deprogramming Negative Thinking

There are some things that you can do so that you will get rid of your negative thinking. One important thing you can do is to clean your chakras. If your chakras are unbalanced or they are not properly working, then it can cause you to not be able to focus on good things. A chakra is something in your body that can help you to deal with emotions and pain that you have.

How often have you cleansed your chakras? People do not realize how much negativity they have around them and they do not understand that they have to cleanse their body and mind just like the body. If you have went a few days without taking a bath, chances are that you body will be very dirty and smelly.

You can clean it and take a bath and use soap and you will smell and feel better. The same thing happens with your chakras. If you do not cleanse your chakras, you can even stop good things form coming to you.

Another way to get rid of negative thinking is by hypnosis. This is a longer fix because it is harder to do, and you have to find someone and make sure that you believe in it before you go that route.

A third way to deprogram your negative thinking is by EFT. You can do body tapping and it will help the energy flow through your body and will help you to get rid of negative thinking.


Getting rid of negative thinking can be easy and can help to increase your vibrational frequency and help you to be stronger in your body and mind. You do not deserve to always be tied down by negative thinking and negative things happening to you and you have the chance to change this, even now.

Remember with the karmic loop, negative energy will keep flowing until you are able to get past the negative thinking and bring positive thinking into your mind.

Your mind is a glorious thing and it can help to regenerate feelings and emotions so it is on you to make sure that you keep these feelings positive and helpful so that your body and your mind can align with the universe to bring you good things.

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