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Spiritual Awakening

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Spiritual Awakening

Being awakened means that you are in a spiritual wakefulness period in your life. This is sometimes called enlightenment or spiritual growth.

If you are reading this article, chances are you are going through something different in your life and you are feeling the world change around you.

Spiritual awakening does not happen fast, and it starts with your spiritual path. You will wake up to something new in your life and it will be different, depending on who you are. This will never be the same for everyo9ne as it is for you.

There is no way to fit spiritual awakening into some kind of box or category and so it is possible that you will experience different things on your journey.

Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

Here are some things that you might experience during your spiritual awakening:

Empathy and Intuition

You will realize that you want to hear what people are saying and you will have strong feelings when you are around someone without ever having to hear a word.


You will want to be in tune with nature and you will go outside and find that you love seeing birds and hugging trees.

Negative People

You will want to be around positive people and get out of negative relationships.


You will hate arguments on disunity, and you will no longer enjoy things such as the news, politics, and sports.

Sacred Life

You will find that you feel life is more important than ever and you will concentrate on those around you and remember how important they are. You will even take care of things such as bugs and animals.


Your consciousness will be positive, and you will be able to see true reality. You will remember memories that are positive and things you have experienced.


You will choose to live in the moment and not to focus on your past any longer.

Inner Peace

Instead of concentrating on television or social media, you will want to spend time alone and meditating.


Rather than wanting to see bad things happen to someone, you will have love and compassion for them.


Your desire for attention and acceptance will change and you will want less attention no matter where you are. You will see people in a different light and see them with grace and beauty.

You will want to engage yourself in your surroundings and with your family or friends. You will work towards your spiritual journey.

Negative Signs of Awakening

There are also some negative things that you might experience on your journey such as:


You might find that you are overly emotional and that your emotions can change from happy to crying in seconds. This happens when your heart chakra begins to open up.

You can learn to let your feelings go because this is helping you to grow. Learn to deep breathe and let things fall away from you.

Food Allergies

When you become more spiritual, you will become more sensitive and so there might be some foods that your body can no longer accept. You might need to cleanse yourself of toxins and chances are that you might not be able to handle a lot of gluten or sweets.

Begin to eat things from nature such as root vegetables and have a stricture diet.


Your senses might be different such as your vision might become blurry and you might see things flash in your eyes. Things might even seem transparent when you look at them.

Hearing: You may begin to hear strange noises such as water or whispers.

Touching, Smelling, Taste: You might taste things and smell things around you that are not usual to you. This is something that can be enjoyable if you embrace it.

Let these things happen to you and if things are blurry, try yawning to clear your vision.


Dreams can be the window to the soul and if you dream and wake up confused, remember that this can be part of your awakening.

Some dreams will carry messages for you and if your lucid dream, remember, you are in control. When you wake up, write down your dreams so that you can remember them later, and most importantly, do not be afraid.


Changes might come in your life such as death, illness, divorce, loss of a home or job or something that is a strong change. Do not ignore these things and these can happen so that you can get rid of unnecessary attachments and have more love and compassion for others.

Loss of Interest

If you f9ind that you used to be outgoing but you want to be alone now, or if you had hobbies that you liked but now you are no longer interested in doing them, this can be part of your awakening.

Feeling Something is Coming

If you feel that you are about to go through something, this can cause you to feel stressed or anxious. Remember, you need to not worry because your thoughts need to stay positive.

Electrical and Mechanical Problems

Lightbulbs might start to flicker, and your computer might freeze up. Maybe the television is going on and off. Ask your angel guides to help you and to protect you with white or blue light.


If you are ungrounded, you might become dizzy. This can be a lighter state that you are in. You can ground yourself by going in nature barefoot, working in the garden or eating root vegetables.


Chances are, you have memories that are suppressed from your past life. When you are changing and going through your awakening, you might begin to have memories that you had forgotten.

It is good to recall the things that are coming to your mind but do not overanalyze things. This can cause you stress that you do not need. Ask your guides to give you advice on what to do.

After Awakening

Once you go through your awakening, then what? This is something people often ask. This answer can be different depending on who you are, but here is some advice.

Short Term

Right after you go through your awakening, give yourself time and space. Some people need to talk to someone close to them while others do not have anyone to talk to. Find a group or talk to a psychic to help you.

You can also make plans such as financial plans and other things that will cause you to be stronger and not to have a breakdown. Begin doing spiritual practices and learning to be healthy.

Long Term

Spiritual growth can be amazing and intense. This is years of energy that is stored inside of you and when you go through awakening, this energy can flood your life. This can take away obstacles that you have had and give you freedom. It is like starting new.

Freedom can come from inside and can help you to be deeper and have stronger attachments to people. This can bring you happiness and help you to reach the desires of your soul. Your soul wants to be free and this can help you and give you truth.

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