May 21, 2024

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Tips and Techniques of Automatic Writing

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Tips and Techniques of Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is also known as spirit writing. It is a psychic gift and the easiest to develop among all psychic abilities. Successful automatic writing is a powerful experience.

Automatic writing is a way predictions, prophecy and spiritual energy is channeled through writing. It is allowing intuition from outside to flow into you.

Automatic writing is a form of intuition that has been there for decades. However, it became well-known in the 1900s and 1800s through the worldwide spread of the spiritual movement.

Below are tips you can try if you want to attempt automatic writing:

  1. Discover the method your most comfortable with. The method you prefer maybe a paper, a computer or any writing material.
  2. Find a calm place and meditate. Focus on your breathing. You can visualize a bridge between you and the source you’re seeking if you want. What’s important is you just relax and clean your aura.
  3. Begin writing. Write down the questions you are seeking answers for. Pay attention to an open connection. Write down any questions as you want as long as they are specific. These questions should be those that will help your soul transform. Don’t test the spirit with questions. Don’t ask questions that you already know the answers. The process is demeaned when you test the spirit.
  4. Concentrate on those questions one by one after writing them. Remember you are looking for answers from high energy beings who have a clear view of everything than we do in the physical world.
  5. If you realize that you aren’t feeling anything, you can listen to some music. make sure all the distractions and worries are blocked. Believe that you will receive the information that will transform your life positively.
  6. Now go back to your writing and read the question one more time.
  7. Be ready to automatically type or write. Use your first thoughts. Put down anything that pops up in your head. Try keeping a consistent flow and don’t stop to think or analyze. Don’t be judgmental about what you are writing. Just try to write or type as fast as possible. Do not pay much attention to spelling or punctuation. Just write continuously. Some individuals close their eyes while others prefer opening them.
  8. Feel free to take a breath if you have trouble with your flow. However, don’t read what you’ve written or try to analyze it soon.
  9. Put your writings aside for one hour before looking at them. Trust that all the answers you’ll receive will be positive. You might not like the answers you receive from the spirit but they will be for your good.
  10. Practice makes perfect. Do every day for 30 days. Try maintaining a regular schedule. Do your automatic writing at the same time every day.

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