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I am writing this to all those individuals who are struggling with their energetic sensitivity. They don’t know what’s happening and they tend to isolate themselves from this harsh world. There are solutions and you will see changes if you do the following things

I suggest they do the following things:

  1. Clear their energy twice daily. Morning and in the evening. This is because, if you do this first thing in the morning, you won’t wake up with anxiety or confusion. You can use the weekly Akashic record clearing meditation in the morning and thee strong foundations energy clearing in the evening.
  2. Space clearing. after encountering any emotional arguments, you can smudge around you and your home. This neutralizes negative icons in the air.
  3. Epsom salt baths with rose oil. This rebalances and helps clear your etheric field. You can dissolve the Epsom salts in a jug of warm water and rinse your body with it. That is if you don’t have a bath.
  4. Grounding in nature. You can rebalance by being close to plants or rather green environment. Quite a number of us get stimulated every day with phones and computers.
  5. Switch off Wi-Fi at night. Even all electronics. Switch off your mobile phones and keep it outside the bedroom. You will have a good sleep.
  6. I will sleep with small black tourmaline stones under my pillow when undergoing an energy ‘upgrade’. I discovered that they have a grounding effect. I, therefore, have no interruptions n my life.

I wrote this program (Twin Flame Healing Program) to help others who are on this journey. I used these tools to help me heal. So I want to help others do the same.

We have experiences on this earth, therefore, we need to get out there live and relish it. Inspire others and let our lights shine.

You have a decision to make with everything in your life. Do something different and get results. Or choose to do nothing. It’s also a choice.

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