April 20, 2024

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Understanding Energy and Left-Over Energy

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Understanding Energy

If you are someone that is highly sensitive or you are an empath, you are probably someone that has dealt with feeling the residual energy that comes when a spirit was there and has left. All spirits can come in different ways, and they have purposes and people need to deal with these kinds of energies in different ways.

A person that is a highly sensitive person or an empath are very sensitive to energies around them and so therefore they are very sensitive to spirit energy.

As someone that is sensitive to energy, you have to be able to know the different kinds of energy and you have to learn how to deal with them. Once you know the difference between residual and spirit energy you will know how to deal with them, and you will be able to understand how you are feeling.

Residual Energy

Residual energy is energy that is left from a person that has died and is going to the other side. This energy can be found on different objects such as clothing, places they have been, their belongings and furniture. This kind of energy can be strong, and it can be surrounded by emotions if the object was around that person for a long time. This is often the reasons that some homes will have a strong emotional presence and can be hard for empaths to understand because of the spaces that that person one lived.

Things such as glasses, wallets, purses, keys and more can collect this kind of residual energy form their owner and this can also be collected in homes. Another thing that often picks up this energy is crystals that the person has owned and is even stronger with the quartz crystals.

As an empath, you can find out more about residual energy and how it affects you. It might be hard for you if you are an empath or highly sensitive person to own used furniture or even to go to places that are thrift stores. This can happen because those places have so many emotions and feelings that are left by those that have died. Things that are antique can hold much energy and it can be very strong for someone sensitive to the energies.

Spirit Items

Spirits can be ancestors, guides, loved ones or friends that have passed on, angels, animals, malevolent spirits or more. A spirit can be someone that has always been a spirit and has never been a human and so you can figure out what the word spirit means to you but for most it can mean any of these things.

There is a difference between residual energy and spirit energy, and this is because the spirits have a consciousness, but the residual energy doesn’t, and it is just leftover from the imprint that someone had because of their ownership or their emotion. A spirit will know what they are doing and what they are seeking when they come to the earth or seek out someone.

Residual and Spirit Energy

Residual energy does not try to make you feel it nor does it try to talk to you. Spirit energy is energy where the spirits are trying to communicate with you, and they have a purpose as to why they are reaching out to you.

Residual energy and spirit energy can be stronger for people that have the clair giftings such as clairvoyance, clairaudience or more.

Residual Energy

Here is a breakdown of residual energy:

  • Comes from an imprint of someone.
  • This does not have a conscious thought.
  • It comes to a place that was used by the person that has passed on.
  • It is easy to clear with cleansing.
  • It makes you feel emotions when you go into that place or hold an item.
  • You will not be able to ask the place a question and get an answer.
  • The sensations that you will have will get less as time passes.
  • These energies are easy to clean.
  • This can be positive or negative feelings after holding the item or going to a place.

Spirit Energy

  • Can be ancestors, guides, angels, loved ones that have passed and more.
  • They have a conscious thought.
  • They can be in places they want to be, but they can move from place to place.
  • They can talk to you and take action.
  • They can be put out by being cleansed or being asked to leave.
  • They have a purpose to show you that they are there.
  • They will show you they are there.
  • They can contact you to get help or to ask you for a favor.
  • They can be in objects or places.
  • There are ways to get rid of them or you can talk to them and find out what they want.

How Can You Work with These Different Energies?

As someone that is hyper sensitive or an empath, you need to understand these energies. Something that has strong residual energy can cause you to have strong emotions that you might not understand. You can cleanse objects, especially used ones and it can help you to get rid of these energies.

Some people will want to keep that energy there especially if the item comes from someone that you love and miss. You may want to keep the residual energy so that you can have them close to you.

If you have a spirit that is around you, you need to connect to the spirit and find out why it is there and what it needs.

You will want to talk to this spirit and find out what you can do to help it. Here are some ways that you can communicate with your spirits:

  • Use your intuition and open up your third eye.
  • Use tools of divination such as tarot cards or pendulums.
  • If the spirit is evil, find someone to help you get rid of it.

Spiritual beings can come in both spiritual and physical forms and this can be something that you need to understand. When spirits come, you need to have the power to know the energies that are surrounding you. Look more on this kind of energy and if you have questions, seek out a psychic to talk to.

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