May 21, 2024

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Finding Your Flow When Doing Witchcraft

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Sometimes when you are doing magic it can be hard to connect with your casting because of all of the distractions and busyness that you have to deal with day to day. Even though this can happen, you have to find the flow of your craft. Doing this can help you to be more excited about practicing your magic and it can bring you happiness.

This is the thing that most witches are trying to reach. Sometimes people feel so disconnected from their craft that they have a hard time even wanting to do it. How can you keep in touch with yourself and still get happiness when doing crafting without thinking of it as a job or a chore?

Flow of Crafting

Flow is something that people will not know if they have never had it happened to them. This is when the energy flows freely and it happens because you are inspired to do the best that you can. You let your goals be in agreement with your actions and then it actually gives you energy to make your magic work. It can feel like the best of both worlds. If you feel that your magic doesn’t feel like a chore and you love to do new rituals and magic, this means that you have experienced the ultimate time of being a witch.

Once you get to this point, practicing your magic will make you a better witch. You will not be resistant of your spells, and you will give yourself and your all to your magic. You will learn to align your inner being with your power and it will help your spells to work faster and to be more effective.

The problem is that some people do not get into the flow because they feel that their crafting is hard, and it is hard to stay in that mindset.

Getting Out of the Flow

The flow state can lead people to think that they are able to do their magic and be fully in control. It can come and go at the blink of an eye though and then they think that they have lost themselves along the way. The truth is that you can get into the flow all the time.

The state of being and the flow is something that happens when you do not resist an idea or an action. This means that you are doing the magic that you are supposed to do with the energy to motivate yourself. You are completely into your magic, and you are not thinking of anything else.

Everyone has a time when they are contradictory to what they want inside of themselves. They might want to be the best parent that they can be or be the best student at school but instead they would rather rest. They might want to work but they also might not feel like going in at the time. Maybe they like to be with their family, but they don’t feel like facing the drama of another family get together.

One thing with witchcraft is that one part will make you feel like it is not worth your time. This is a natural feeling for people because there is a lot of stress and anxiety in life. It can be hard to be a good student or parent when you are so busy, or you might hate going to family get togethers because of all the stress. Practicing magic is the same way and then you might feel like you are a failure when the time comes.

But the flow comes when you are in agreement and when you don’t let things resist inside of you. That is when the craft is easy.

How to Stay in the Flow

You need to get control of the resistance inside of you as soon as you can. You need to know that this is not a process, but this is something that you have to do each time something comes that is causing resistance in your life. You have to keep practicing even when you don’t feel like it and it will soon bring you happiness.

When you follow these things, you will see that you can use this in your magic and in everything else in your life such as your relationships, your job and more.

Be Present

You have to be present in what you do if you want to have a flow. You cannot go through things distracted or worrying about other things. You need to look at what you are doing and not resist it. You need to stop thinking of other things and get rid of the resistance that shows up.

There are two parts of you that are not in agreement, and you have to focus and get yourself present. You may have to do things to make it so that you can get over the resistance such as write down what you are going to make for dinner so that you can think about it later. You might also need to take some me time before you start doing your magic so that your tiredness isn’t overpowering you.

One way to get present is to do a body scan. Look at your body and start at your toes and then look at every part of your body. Do this for about 10 minutes and see any parts of you that are not connected with you at the time. Then, take time to do some yoga to get your mind prepared.


The next thing that you can do is to meditate. You can do this to calm your mind and to get rid of chatter that is holding you back. The point of this is to be aware of what is going on. Meditation helps you to see who you are and helps you to let go of things that hold you back. What are you feeling? How can your meditation help you to be grounded?

Can you align your mind with your actions? What are your feelings? You will be surprised at what you learn about yourself as you meditate.

Knowing Resistance

Resistance can be something that is so hard to deal with especially when you don’t know why you have to deal with it. You might be able to identify it sometimes such as if you are hungry or if you are busy that day. Sometimes though resistance is very hidden, and you don’t really know where it comes form. You have to look at why you aren’t in the flow and what is keeping you back.

Identify what is going on and write it down. Write why you don’t want to do magic and what is holding you back. This might help you to figure out why you are feeling that way. If you cannot think of why you don’t want to, but you know you don’t, find out what is going on inside of you.

Think of all the things that are happening such as if you are hungry or tired. Maybe you need to go and shower and maybe you need to have a snack break. Do what you can in the physical to help yourself before you keep going.

Then look at your list and see if you are having emotional situations about your crafting. Do you feel that your magic is fake? Do you feel like you are only caring about yourself when you do your magic? Look at the parts of you that you feel that you are lacking in and why practicing your magic is not making you happy. If you are not able to hear what is going on, keep pushing so that you can figure it out. You don’t want the resistance to be stronger.

Doing this can help you to be able to know all of your resistance and it can help you to find a way to resolve all of the feelings that you have.

Be Flexible

When you are trying to get the flow, you have to learn to be flexible in your life. You have to understand that things are not always how you hope that they will be and sometimes things will be different even in your magic. If you feel that you need some extra magical hygiene, then do it because it is going to get you into a good place.

You need to pay attention to what you need, and you need to be flexible with yourself. Getting into the flow is easy for some and hard for others and you need to do what you need to do to make it work best for you. Be responsive to your own needs.

You cannot make the flow happen, but you can make the flow feel good. Do not try to force the flow but get rid of things that are holding you back.

Put How You Feel First

Your feelings are some of the most important things in your flow. You have to make your feelings a priority to your life if you want to keep in a flow state. If you don’t want to do magic, don’t do it. Find out why you are feeling that way and what the root cause is and see if it is something that is fixable. Maybe you need to change how you do the magic or what you are learning. Maybe you need to get your emotions in control. Your resistance will never help you to practice witchcraft nom atter what you plan to do. This will only help you to become more frustrated.

The flow can be a time that is great for you, and it can bring you to a place where you can increase your positivity and your feelings towards crafting. The emotions that you have can help you to develop your life and help you to get stronger into your magic.

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