June 22, 2024

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Using Your Chakra to Get a Career Boost

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Using Your Chakra to Get a Career Boost

Looking for a new career can be frustrating.  It is important that you focus on your chakras and understand them so that you can bring your spiritual and your emotional skills together to figure out what job is best for you.

The chakras are your center points, the place where your energies flow to other parts of your body.  There are seven different chakras: the crown chakra, Third Eye, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar plexus chakra, sacral chakra and the root chakra.  Each of them plays a role in how we act and respond to our daily lives.

The chakras are the core of our energies and control all of the emotions that we have.  The energy has to be flowing and there needs to be a clear chakra with no blockages so that you can reach your full potential.  Each parts of your job and your life have something to do with your chakra.  Your sacral chakra, for example is your creativity and your Third Eye gives you clarity in what you should do and knowledge.

Root Chakra

The root chakra allows you to be motivated and to finish what you have started.  You can use this in your career path so that you can be good at what you do and get your jobs finished.  Decide what you belief and let this be part of your mission in finding the right career.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is part of your emotions and allows you to be successful in relationships and helps you to know how to make money.  You must remove negative feelings and bad memories and get rid of them so that you can keep this chakra clear.

To have a better you, be positive and know that you can always improve.  If you are tired and stressed, meditate to get your focus straight.  Figure out what you like to do such as filing folders or working on a computer.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus helps you to keep high vibrations.  When you are stressed, your solar plexus is probably blocked and will cause you to have low vibrations.  These vibrations will block your wisdom and will not allow you to get work done.  It will cause you to lose focus on what you are doing.

When you have negative thoughts, find out what is causing it and see if you are challenging your beliefs.  Keep your thinking positive and complement yourself and make sure you are having fun.

Heart Chakra

One of the most important chakras is the heart chakra because it allows us to love ourselves.  We have to write down what we love about ourselves each day and do this each day for a week.

Keeping this open allows us to receive praise and to love what we do.  We can then show others kindness and be generous to the universe.  This makes people want to give the same back to you.

Throat Chakra

Sometimes we are afraid of failing and we forget to go for what we want.  We have to face our fears and become okay with not being perfect.

When you feel that you can’t do something, use your flaws to help you succeed.  Picture yourself as being confident and when you are feeling insecure, imagine that you are confident and putting a superhero cape on.  Now, go and do what you were afraid of!

Third eye

The third eye is the center of your wisdom and where your intuition lies.  Write down what you are dreaming about and what your lessons are that you have learned.  Teach yourself something new each day and see why you are stressed.

No matter who you are, you need to stay in touch with your intuition because it will give you messages that can help you to be confident and wise.

Crown Chakra

Everyone is human and you have to learn that you have days that are not as good as others.  You are allowed to not be perfect and you are allowed to connect with people on a human level.  If you give someone advice, it might be opposite of what you are feeling and that is okay.


Use your chakras to help you find the perfect career for you and to better yourself as a person.

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