June 22, 2024

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High Intuition

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High Intuition

People are learning to live with their minds open to their spirituality and they have learned to be grounded and to listen to their intuition.  They learn to live a life that is happy and full of peace.  Most of the time, people are more willing to accept the idea that they are spiritual people that create their own reality instead of being a victim.

People will explore and talk to others about their inner powers and will tell about their experiences with their intuition.  Even though we hear signs that are encouraging, we suffer from earthly violence and pain that causes people to be harsh and terrible.

Even though we like the idea of a spiritual awakening, it sounds that it is almost impossible to get there.  We have to take a step forward and understand what the world needs and have inner peace and line it up with the world’s peace.

Listening to your intuition will help you to find what you need to do in your life.  Listening to yourself will help you to be at ease and help you to stop having conflict within yourself.  You will stop being distracted and you will have more kindness and calmness in your life.  You will be more creative, and you will fulfill things in your life that you never thought you could do.

Each day you will experience something new and something perfect that will bring you joy.  You will be aligned with your spirit and this will allow things in your life to not be so complicated.  You will feel that you have self-worth and you will be relieved to know that you are listening to the universe.

Listening to your inner voice will allow you to make good choices.  You will find your greater self and you will live in peace with the planet and you will learn to battle your fears and to not make choices that hurt you or the universe.

When people refuse to find this, they will continue to be unbalanced and continue to struggle in their life.  They will lack joy and peace and they will not have trust or be able to fight the wrongs of the world.

Here are some ways you can tune into your intuition:

  • Always be open minded. This allows you to listen to your heart.
  • Let your intuition guide you.
  • Trust that your intuition will give you the wisdom that you need.
  • Act on your intuition and always follow what it tells you to do.
  • Expect your intuition to tell you things you need to hear.
  • The more you listen, the more you will hear.
  • Don’t let your ego overtake what your intuition is telling you, always listen and you will hear the voice loudly.
  • When you voice your intuition to someone, it gives your spirit power and your intuition will begin to increase.
  • Always be aware of what your intuition is saying and what it is trying to show you.
  • Be prepared and happy to get guidance from your intuition.
  • Allow your intuition to lead you towards good-will.
  • Always trust your intuition your universal guides will give you wisdom to know what is and what isn’t right in your life. Trust this.
  • Do not let your mind get the best of you, if you feel it in your gut, it is true.

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