May 21, 2024

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Using Your Shadow Self to Be Free

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Using Your Shadow Self to Be Free

The shadow self is when we have a dark side but how is it formed?  The shadow self takes in our personalities and what we choose to reject.  We have our own personal shadow and there are things in our life that we refuse to confront.

Some of the pain that we have from the world can be hidden in our shadow.  It is when we exaggerate our own greed, mistrust or other things that we hide and that we want to believe is not real.

Our deep state is how we repress our years as we see a world of violence and what we have inside of ourselves.  Some believe that the shadow is part of our personalities and how we become great thinkers.

Part of this is being selfish and having anger or violence.  This can also be things that we don’t desire such as our sexual desires and other things that the society wouldn’t like from us.  Even though it is hard, it is sometimes important to confront we and to develop better and stronger.

Many people believe that we have to focus on what is right in ourselves and what is hole and we have to include the parts of us that are dark or where the light is blocked.  This has to be where we can see where we refuse to let light shine and the parts of our personality that flow through us.

Addressing our shadow can help us to stop being false and to bring us closer to what truth and freedom really are.  We can become free of any illusions that we have.

There are signs that can show us that our shadow is showing:


If you are hard on other people and you judge them or criticize them, this can be your shadow showing.  Sometimes, our shadow feels lonely and causes us to act differently.

Pointing Out Flaws

One part of our shadow is pointing out flaws instead of focusing on people being beautiful, or smart or outgoing.

Take Power Over People

When we compensate for our feelings, we sometimes try to force people to act a certain way and if we don’t feel that they are doing that, it can cause us to feel worthless or vulnerable.

Playing the Victim

This is when we choose to never take responsibility for what we do.  We lack being assertive and we can argue easily and be down on ourselves.  This is not allowing yourself to love yourself and can cause you to live a different type of life.

Refuse to Confront Your Own Prejudice

We are sometimes bias or prejudice of things and this is one huge sign of our shadow.  If we are always about ourselves and not others, we leave a space to let biases come in and to take over our life and our relationships.  If you have no friends that are different than you, you won’t be able to stop stereotyping them.

Want Position

If you have an ego, it has nothing to do with self-confidence.  This is when you can listen to advice and take it in stride, and you can ignore your own feelings and care about how others feel.  The shadow will have some work to do if you feel that your relationship is more important than others.

Messiah Complex

If you think that you were put on the Earth to save everyone, you are having a shadow self and it can cause you to face a lot of heartache.  You will not be able to save people and you won’t be able to take enough responsibility to save them.


You need to address the traits that you have and even though this might not be comfortable, it is important for our wellbeing.

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