April 20, 2024

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What Does Earthing Healing Do to Help?

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Earthing Healing

The world is full of electricity and there is energy everywhere you go. You will experience a natural electrical charge every time you go out into the world and even when you are in. This electrical power can come from a power plant or even from something running in your home such as your television, stove, microwave or even your fridge. When something is grounded, it means that you are safe from the energy and the energy is stable even when you are using it and when you don’t realize it.

When you are grounded as a person, it can affect you in a positive way in your body just like being ungrounded can affect you negatively. Being grounded means that you are:

  • Strong
  • Balanced
  • Feeling peaceful
  • Not stressed
  • Solid
  • Centered

When you are grounded you will feel good and if you are someone that has chronic pain, when you are grounded you will probably feel less or no pain at all.


People in life often live with constant pain or stress. They experience uncentered ideas and mental health leaving them depressed and tired. Sometimes they go to the doctor and the doctor cannot find anything wrong and therefore prescribes them medication to make them feel better, but this medicine can produce things such as stomach problems, sour moods, tiredness, headaches and more.

There are people that are often suffering from autoimmune diseases and people around the world suffer from things such as:

  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disorders

It has been seen in research that when there is an increased disease in people that doctors don’t often know what is causing it. Some will blame it on what people eat and others will blame it on the environment.

There are things that you can do to help yourself such as meditate and do yoga, and this can help you to deal with your illnesses.

Not Being in Touch

You are a being that lives on a planet that is full of electricity. Your body will use electricity itself to change the cells and to run on different frequencies. Your heart and your muscles and all of your body run on these different frequencies.

Everyone that is living on the earth is dealing with some kind of electrical energy. People that live in industrialized societies will not even be able to go outside and be barefoot but will need to wear thick, leather shoes that will keep them safe from the energy of the ground. These kinds of shoes can keep them safe from the electrical contact. These people are not able to camp outside and sleep on the ground like people in the past were able to do.

People are often ungrounded, and they are not able to be in sync with the earth. This could be one of the reasons that people are getting sick easier and more frequently.

Grounding Benefits

There has been much research on protecting your body so that you can feel better. Many times, people talk about connecting to the earth. You can do this if you are grounded and there are benefits in doing this.

Decreased Pain

One thing about being grounded is that it can help to get rid of swelling and pain. People that have chronic pain often get grounded and they find that their swelling can go away, and the pain can lessen. Inflammation can decrease dramatically when you are grounded. Some people reported after being grounded that they had:

  • Less pain.
  • Less pain and better sleep.
  • Less morning soreness and stiffness.
  • No problems sleeping.
  • No soreness in their body.

Decreased Stress

A person that is grounded will have the diurnal rhythm of cortisol which is a stress hormone. It will become normal. Cortisol is what happens when your body is stressed, and it is to control your blood sugar level and keep your metabolism working correctly. This can help to get rid of swelling and help you to remember things better.

As you get grounded, you will see that your cortisol level will become normal, and it will help to increase good sleep and decrease pain.

Better Circulation

When you are grounded, your circulation will get better which will help the oxygen travel better to your body. This will help you to have your blood flow at the right rate and it will improve how you feel in your mind and body.

Reconnecting with the Earth

Grounding for your health is something that is often new to people, but it is something that has been around since ancient times. Even in the past, people would go barefoot on the earth so that they could get energy from the earth. These people were grounded and much healthier.

As you live, you have electricity that is all around you, but many people have lost their roots. They are disconnected and this is causing them to have sleep problems, pain, swelling and even chronic sicknesses.

There is a way that you can reconnect with the world. You can go outside and go barefoot in the grass for just 30 minutes, and this can help you to feel better both in pain and in your mental state. You can also go out and sit or walk in the sand, stand in the grass, or even walk on your sidewalk barefoot. When you do this, you pick up the energies of the earth and you see that you are able to have better energy.

You want to do earthing so that you can have healing energy in your life. Some people do not think that they have time to go out and go barefoot and if this is something that you are dealing with, you can do grounding even inside. You can do this, and it can help you to sleep, get rid of pain and to feel better. There are things that you can do that can benefit your life even when you are working or sleeping. You need to find objects that are conductive such as:

  • Patches that you put on your body.
  • Body bands.
  • Chair mats.
  • Floor mats.
  • Bed pads.
  • Chairs.

When you want to feel better, the best way to do this is to ground yourself. Whatever way you can ground yourself can help you and get started right away.

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