April 20, 2024

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What to do and what not to do when giving a good psychic reading

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What to do and what not to do when giving a good psychic reading

Each psychic reader has their own way. A psychic reading is made good by quite a number of things. it can be due to the relationship between the psychic and the person being given a reading.

However, below are some regulations of a psychic reading that is best practiced. You might find them useful if you’re a psychic or if you’re looking forward to becoming one.

  1. Do not assume things-assume things will make it hard for you to see what’s good for you or make things you’ve chosen invisible. In order to develop as a psychic, you need to be aware of where you’re rushing to make conclusions and your view of the world.
  2. Information shouldn’t be analyzed- this involves having second guesses out of the instincts. Go for what you believe in even if it looks undoable.
  3. Don’t be in charge of individuals’ journey- we create our destiny by stepping into our power. You shouldn’t dictate what people should do and what they shouldn’t do as that will be taking control of other people’s power and make them dependent on you. Get important information by using your instincts. We are unique in our own ways, therefore, should not take control of another person’s journey.
  4. Don’t make discriminatory decisions- everyone has a way of making their own decisions. You might come across this when giving a reading. Therefore, try and always be fair when giving a reading although someone’s revelations might at times push you to your limit. Just view their situation without discriminating them.
  5. Be positive and do not create fear- be positive in your predictions. You might experience hard times as a psychic but that’s when you have to make use of your instincts to understand better what’s happening and advising the person’s you’re giving a reading to on what to do.
  6. Don’t be determinist-we should believe that we are capable of anything. as long as we follow our dreams they will come to pass.
  7. Be empowered- if you know what you want you should go for it. We are empowered to undertake anything as long as we have choices.

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