July 23, 2024

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Why Is He Dating Online if He Likes You?

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Why Is He Dating Online

Men and women often believe that online dating is the best way to go. They can meet people that have the same likes and traits that they do, and they can meet a variety of people without having to make a commitment right away. But sometimes, women wonder why men are still online dating if he likes her.

It could be that he is bored or it could be that he just isn’t really committed to you or to any relationship. You can find out if he likes you by the effort that he puts into the relationship. If it is early in your relationship, remember his dating profile. Did he make an effort to change this right away? Does he put a lot of effort into his profile at all or does he not seem to care about how he looks or if he is interesting or not.

Effort is something that people need to understand rather this is about dating or about anything in life. Now, think about the first time he reached out to you. Did he ask questions about who you were and what you liked or was he just brief and uninterested? By knowing how he reacted initially, you will be able to tell if he was just trying to get by with answers or if he wanted to really be serious.

Looking at His Dating App

Are you dating him but you find that he is updating his dating app? If that is happening, then chances are that he isn’t about you and he isn’t ready to commit to you. There is a possibility that he is even looking for more options.

People that use dating apps might feel that the guy on the other end is using you. Maybe you knew someone else that clicked on his profile and he acts interested in her still from time to time. Maybe you aren’t sure if he is using you or if he likes you and you find that his open options on his dating app is getting on your nerves.

The thing is, if he likes you and he still is on his dating app, there needs to be some questions that are asked.

How Far into the Relationship Are You?

It sometimes take a while for people to realize what they really want. If it is early in your relationship, chances are that he isn’t ready to commit to you. He might be wanting to meet other people and just to keep his options open to make sure that you are compatible together. You need to be patient and see where things go.

If you have been dating for more than four months and he is still on his dating app then you need to know that he is wanting to keep his options open. This means that he is probably open to dating other people and that you might not be his one and only.

Why Is He On His Dating App?

When a guy wants you to be exclusive but he doesn’t want to be, stay on your app and keep your own options open. If you feel that he has had more than enough time to decide then you need to figure out if you are ready to dump him on the curb or not.

Some people have been together for years and this means that if the guy is really into you, he will want to be exclusive but if he keeps trying to date other people, he isn’t ready to settle down yet.

Dating Choices

Everyone has their right to be open to different dating choices and if you are interested in them but they aren’t communicating what they want between the two of you then he is probably not really into you. Don’t bother asking about him being exclusive to you because you might not like the answer.

On the other hand, if it is very early into the relationship, you need to be patient and see what happens. If you keep asking him if he likes you then he will think that you are being pushy. He might need more time to figure out what he wants in the relationship.

You have to decide what you want and if you are willing to wait. Set a time frame that you will wait for and if he doesn’t commit to you at that point then end the relationship. Maybe by this time he will tell you how he really feels and you can decide what is best for you.


There will come a time where you might have to ask him what he wants in the relationship. If you get to that point and you still aren’t sure if he likes you then you need to stop dancing around the question and just ask him.

Sometimes people get into relationships, and they don’t work out. This is normal and that is okay. Putting effort into each of your relationships is a sign that you are responsible and not that you are easy or desperate.  If he is putting in the same amount of effort that you are, this can be a sign that he is ready to settle and it might mean he is ready to settle with you.

If he is still dating online though, you need to take time to ask what is going on and then make the choice to stay or to go.

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