February 22, 2024

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Banishing Vampires

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Banishing Vampires

Even if you know it or not, you come in contact with energy vampires at least once in your life, maybe even once a day.  This can be a relationship that you have with someone that is never happy about anything, someone you work with or someone that is supposed to be your friend.

An energy vampire is someone that is never happy, always negative and drains out your pleasure and your joy.

There are many different types of energy vampires such as:

Poor Me Vampire

This type of vampire is one that always wants to have all of the attention.  They have problems that never can get solved and this can be financial problems, relationship problems or just problems in general.  These vampires are always complaining, and they want a pity party every day.  You find yourself on their bad side no matter what you say.


The Aloof vampire is one that will be indifferent and never seem happy for you.  They never show emotion when something good happens and they make you feel bad when you celebrate yourself.

Interrogator Vampire

An interrogator vampire is always trying to figure out all the things in your life.  They try to make you feel negative and they make you not sure if you are right about anything.  If you are happy, this person will question you and prod you to figure out what makes you happy and add their negativity right in.

Intimidator Vampire

The energy vampire that intimidates you will use the fears that you have against you.  They will take their negatives energy and try to scare you with it.  If you are positive about something, they will turn it into something negative.

An energy vampire is very common and so you have to learn to stand against the negative energies that come against you.  You have to always show them positive energy and do not let them bring you down.  You have to ignore them, and you have to find your happiness even when they are rude or being mean to you.

If you are dealing with someone that is an energy vampire, you need to try your best to get them out of your life.  This might be hard because it can be someone close to you like a family member or an employer at your job.  This can also be a partner or a friend.

You need to learn to be happy in your own life and if you are around an energy vampire, chances are that this will not happen.  Don’t worry about evaluating your life, if you always feel that your energy is being drained, you have to identify that you are around an energy vampire.

Being with an energy vampire is not a good thing for anyone and it will end up hurting you and other people in your life.

You have to learn to protect yourself form energy vampires and get rid of all of the negative energies that come into your life and in your energy field.  If you are having a hard time doing this on your own, call a psychic or visit one online.

A psychic can give you tips on how to ward off an energy vampire and help you to get your positive energies back on track.

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