June 22, 2024

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Strategies to Read the Emotional Energy of Others

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Reading Emotional Energy

Emotions are simply our energy expressed, sometimes referred to as the vibe we give off. These are each registered using intuition. Some people are draining and we want to get away, while others can feel comfortable and you wish to spend time with them. This feeling, subtle energy, can be felt from a few inches or even feet away even though it is totally invisible. Some cultures consider this as the life force, others call it the chi that is essential to health. Though this has not yet been fully defined, scientists have been able to measure photon emission increase and even detect electromagnetic readings from healers as they work.

Emotional energy can be contagious which is why both toxic and healthy relationships are possible. Reading this energy is easy when we are around someone often which is why you can then decide whether relationship is compatible. Energetic compatibility is important in a successful relationship. Forcing a fit will never end well because it interferes with flow. We all have quirks and oddities, but the overall energy is what bonds when struggles occur.

When you read emotions, remember that what people say is not necessarily what their energy says. We do not always get what we see. People will often go to great lengths to present a certain appearance, but energetically, this is not how they are in life. This means their self is not aligned with true emotions. Sometimes, people do this without even realizing that it is being done.

Reading energy allows you to attune to how you are relating to others and who feels comfortable with you and who will not. It can be tough to learn to trust your body’s intuition, but it is necessary. To help with this it can help to know what to do. Learn to ask yourself questions like: How is my body feeling?, Is my energy going up or down? and then follow this lead the body is trying to take. To use this in relationships or potential relationships, try the following tips.

Reading Emotional Energy

Sensing Presence

A person’s presence is the overall energy that is emitted, but may not be aligned with behaviors or words. The presence is a surrounding atmosphere around someone. This can be a light, a darkness, joy, sadness, or even mystery. This is also associated with charisma. This magnetism is what draws us to others, but we must make sure it actually contains heart, there are times when it doesn’t. Those with charisma, but no heart are often con artists. As you read others, pay attention to their overall energy.

Watch Their Eyes

The eyes tell a story. Eyes can show love, hate, or anything in between. They offer powerful energy with just a glance. The brain has an electromagnetic signal that can be detected beyond the body and the yes can project the same. In research, it has been discovered that people can feel someone is staring at them, even when they do not know someone is nearby. Some believe in the ‘evil eye’ and science has shown that the ‘look of love’ exists.

When we join eyes with a loved one, even a pet, a biochemical response occurs. This releases oxytocin and the love hormone causes us to feel peace and trust. So, to learn about people, observe their eyes. Look for care, tranquility, anger, or even fear. Certain people will have eyes that are hypnotic, seemingly drawing you into them. If you look into someone’s eyes and feel unsafe, look away immediately so they do not zone into you. In contrast, if you see someone that is kind, caring, and you want to cherish, fall into their gaze to enjoy beautiful energy.

Pay Attention to Touch

Physical contact is a way to share emotional energy. Look, or feel, warmth, comfort, and confidence when someone shakes your hand. Things like a clammy, limp handshake can indicate fear or anxiety, timidity or the inability to commit. An overly strong grip can indicate aggression or the nee to be overly controlling. All this from simple handshake.

The energy of touch can reveal a person’s emotion along with the physical cues. Some handshakes or even hugs can send out signals of joy, kindness and calm while others feel weirdly clingy or draining, possibly hostile. Spend time with those who have the energy you prefer. Those who are draining should be limited in contact as you will end up depleted.

Tone of Voice

Tone of voice should be an obvious one. The tone and volume of someone’s voice can often explain emotions. This is because sound frequencies create vibrations. Some frequencies can be heard, others are just vibration, but it can be felt. When you begin to read someone, pay close attention to tone of voice and how it makes you feel. The same phrase in a different tone of voice can take on new meanings. Soft talkers could be meek, while being too loud can indicate anxiety or insensitivity. Monotone speaking could signal depression or just a lack of spontaneity. Along with this, pay attention to how often a person laughs as this can be a sign of lightheartedness. Even the FBI uses voice, quivering or pitch change, as signs of deception.

Heart Energy

Probably the most important energy to read is that of the sense of heart. The heart energy is our capacity for empathy, connection, and giving. You can feel when someone’s heart is in something and the unconditional love that they emit. This gives others a sense of acceptance without judgement. This is not something people can fake. Heart presence can be built through good intentions and emotional work to overcome negativity. This is a highly positive quality that everyone can possess which means it is healthy when it draws us.

Reading energy where intense emotion happens to be involved can overcome clarity issues. This is because you can see past desires to pinpoint motivation. As you improve at reading energies, factor what you are sensing into an overall assessment. If a red flag pops up, slow things down and observe to see how others are treated and if behavior backs up what is said. Reading energy is about becoming more empathetic over time so you can sense nuances. Keep vigilant and alert to signals that are being sent. This allows you to see the person as a whole.

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