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Cutting Cords, Part Two :: Are there times when you shouldn’t cut cords?

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I’ve heard some energy workers telling people that there are situations when you should not cut cords. I do not agree with this at all, and I will tell you why.

First of all, I think energetic cords are never to be used as life support. I know that some people DO use them that way, but I do not think that is the purpose of them, and should not be used in that way. Energetic cords are a natural byproduct of us, in our human form, desiring to connect and be one with another. Outside of our human bodies, this is how we are, naturally. However, we came to live lives as humans to have the experience of individuality, and our human bodies are really only capable of sustaining and holding our own energy for the long term, and we need our own energy to function properly in these bodies.

Cords of attachment are meant to be temporary. They are meant as a means to commune with others through our energetic bodies so that we may feel each other in that more intimate way. But it should only be a temporary connection. Unfortunately, we tend to get confused and feel like we must have another’s energy to sustain ourselves, or to keep them with us, or to “make us whole.” We also have the mistaken idea that we must give our energy to others to show our love, or to heal them or make them feel supported.

The truth is, if we take another’s energy to sustain us, or “make us whole,” we are not in our own power at all, and if we are constantly feeding others on our own energy, we quickly get drained. This can lead to depression and other mental health issues, as well as leaving ourselves open to physical illness. If we are always giving away our energy, or leaving our personal power with others, we tend to be less successful in our own lives, lacking the energy, confidence and self-esteem to create amazing things for ourselves. Also, if we believe we must give our energy to another to heal them or sustain them, or to give them power, then the truth is that we are robbing them of the opportunity to find their own healing and to step into their own power. When you realize all of that, why would you ever want to keep your cords with anyone?

Now having said that, I know that there are still situations in your mind that you are thinking of as exceptions. What about my child? What about my spouse, my partner or my parents or my soulmate? Surely it would be wrong to cut those cords, right? Well, my answer to that question is no. It is never wrong to cut cords. That’s my belief, in any case. I have never seen a situation where cutting cords was not appropriate. It may be difficult, it may be emotional, it may feel bad or sad or upsetting, but it is always appropriate.

The truth is, we really are meant to contain our own energy and cutting cords may or may not mean cutting “ties” with the other person. When you cut cords, all you are doing is calling back your own energy, and sending the other person’s energy back to them. Whether this means that the relationship with that person ends or not depends on a lot of other factors, but whatever happens to the relationship it can happen from a clear place where no one is muddled or mired in the other’s energy.

But, there is a little something that I can tell you that I think may bring you comfort if you are struggling with a decision about cutting cords. What I’ve seen is that in some relationships, like that of a child and a parent or between members of the same soul family (soulmates, etc), there is another kind of energetic connection that remains regardless of whether the cords get cut or not.

I see this connection as more like a string or thread that runs between the people, usually from the heart or crown space. This string is not a hollow tube where energy can be transferred back and forth, but more like a little gentle reminder of the soul connection/spiritual relationship between the two beings. It never binds the two together or creates a situation of relying on each other in any way. It is more like a little tap on the shoulder to the other person that says, “I’m always here.”

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