June 22, 2024

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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

An awesome way to develop your psychic abilities is by meeting your spirit guides. This can include angels, teachers, and masters. Spirit guides can help provide guidance when you give a reading. They can even guide in everyday life in virtually every area. This article will share how to connect.

Meditate with a Set Intention

Meditation is a great habit to develop. For those who are new to meditating, there are great starter guides online and even videos that can be helpful. Before meditating, set the intention of meeting your spirit guides. If they do not immediately make themselves known, do not worry. It can take time and lots of practice to learn to trust in the intention. Relax and work on meditation first with an intention, but a focus on meditation is most important. If you are struggling with meditation, there are alternatives or other forms that can be found easily online.

Imagination Use

Have some fun and treat yourself a bit by purchasing a wonderful journal and unique pen that you enjoy writing with long term. Then, find a quiet area, relax in whatever way works for you, and start writing. All your imagination to flow even if things don’t make sense at first. Imagination is a great way to open up your psychic channels because you get away from traditional thinking and common thoughts. As you open your mind and start writing, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are my guides?
  • What do my personal guides look like?
  • What do my guides call themselves (name)?
  • How do my guides dress? (Be as specific as possible)
  • What type of personality do my spirit guides display?

If the answers are not coming easily or at all, then imagine that you already know and write it out. Let your imagination take over and have fun as you think about the perfect guides for you. This will help you grow closer to your divine, spirit team, especially with practice.

Have a Chat with Your Guides

This is as simple as it comes. Throughout your day, talk with your guides. If you tried the above exercise, call them by name and discuss things with them openly. This is a super easy way to start connecting and communicating with your personal guides through your intuition. If you need guidance on this, there are several ways to practice online.


Some people are excellent artists so drawing is a great way to connect. Even if you can only manage stick figures, this can be a fun way to connect. Get really creative by grabbing some paper, colored pencils, and just drawing. You may even try closing your eyes and letting it happen. This is an amazing way to connect.

Connecting with your guides may take more time for some than others. No matter how long it takes, enjoy the process. There is no need to stress over not having an immediate connection. Relax, meditate, write, and draw as you strengthen the connection until the guides are revealed.

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